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20 April 2006



hen you blog, and I mean when you write your blog items... do you keep in mind "what will my family think?" or do you just blog and could care less about what your family thinks?

I ran across a situation yesterday that made me think about how we write, what we write and how things are perceived on things we write about on our blogs. A few days ago I sent an email to someone in my family (whose name I won't put here, God forbid the neighbors might talk) I sent an email with one of these prayer emails we've all gotten at one time or another. You know the kind, say the prayers and then forward it to 50,000 people or you will be smoted to death. Anyway, I got an email back from someone and they asked if I could resend it without my blog address at the bottom. I was puzzled and asked "why?" The response was that they didn't want any of their friends to know about my blog and read it.

"What's wrong with my blog?", I stupidly asked. "Well, for one thing, that picture you put of the naked guy with your head pasted on his shoulders." Laugh. "Mom, oopps, he wasn't naked, he had a black stripe across his privates." "He was naked and it's embaressing." Sigh... "It was funny!" "No, it wasn't"... Okay, you get the drift of how the conversation went.

I know there are readers out there who have secret blogs just to avoid this situation. You are free to write whatever is on your mind.... free to be you. Now I know there are many members of my family that read this blog, but never mention it nor comment. But accordingly, I have found out that they all talk about it to each other. And it's never how funny it is, how clever it is or interesting. Nope, I am a slut and garbage monger. They should be happy I control myself and don't write HALF the stuff I would like to write about! Like the dreams I have about Kelly Monaco running naked through my apartment.

My psych at the VA constantly tells me that she thinks this is a good exercise for me... it's an excellent avenue to let out all of my frustrations and pent up thoughts.

Observations and Questions
I am wondering if I should start a "secret" blog like so many of you have... and really let loose. Only inviting my blogging friends and no one else.... y'all understand, right?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1923, Tito Puente, Puerto Rico, bandleader and in the death notices we find in 1996, Christopher Robin Milne, bookseller/son of writer A A Milne (Winnie the Pooh), dies at 75.
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