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17 April 2006



hese are all the main people that went through my mind yesterday on Easter Sunday, all vying for my attention. Ok, the Easter bunny isn't a people but he/she/it was in there running around throwing chocolate cream-filled eggs at everyone else in there.

Now most of you already know that I am a Catholic... a Roman Catholic to be exact. Born Catholic, raised Catholic and still one today. Now the Catholic church ingrains into you that the Catholic religion is the one, true religion and if you do not believe in their teachings you are almost certainly going to spend eternity you know where...

After waking up yesterday morning and finding out the Easter bunny didn't stop by my house again, I spent the day flipping through the television channels trying to expand my mind. My mind is so expanded right now I think it's going to explode big time.

I'm not going to write about Jesus here. We all agree that there was someone named Jesus. Where some of our brothers and sisters disagree is who he was... and I'm not even going to discuss that aspect... since it's a mute point. You either believe Jesus was who he says he was or you don't. End of story.

But Mary Magdalene and Judas Iscariot captures my imagination... especially since the Nag Hammurabi and the Dead Sea Scrolls have been found and examined ad infinitum.

Way back when... we have the Holy Roman emperor, Constantine, who simply was tired of the differences between the gospels and the teachings of the Catholic church, especially since he was a recent convert. He gathers all of the various religious leaders from the known world and tells them that they need to form one cohesive Bible and all start teaching the same thing. So they begin going through all of the gospels known to man. Some made the final cut and are in the Bible as we know it today. Other gospels, for one reason or another were thrown out and ordered to be burned. Whether or not they were true, they were not included.

Back then in Constantine's time they treated females on the same scale as an animal. They could not have the fact that Mary Magdalene was an integral part of the early church. But they could not have a female running around being the closest apostle to Jesus. Constantine ordered all gospels by Mary to be thrown out and destroyed. Still with me here? Some church leaders, secretly decided they were throwing nothing out and kept these gospels in hiding places to preserve them. They felt that someday the truth needed to be told. The Nag Hammurabi scrolls that have been found, are the scrolls hidden by the church people who wanted these truths to be preserved and refused to burn them. Now there is growing thought within the church that the gospel of John was actually written by Mary Magdalene. Well...well...well... Stand up and be counted Mary.

Then on top of all that along comes Henry VIII and the King James version of the Bible. He sits down and starts eliminating pages that he doesn't like or doesn't agree with... that way it will fit with his thinking. Thanks to ol' Henry we now have 50 or 60 branches of Protestants, Methodists, Calvinist, etc... and let's not forget the Jews. They don't have any New Testament... they like the Old Testament just fine.

A new monkey wrench...

Now we have the new discovery authenticated by experts around the world, INCLUDING some Catholic factions of the church that Judas wasn't the scoundrel as previously thought. He was directed by Jesus to betray him. Someone had to do it? Why not Judas? More to come as details emerge.

Are you confused now? Welcome to my world this morning. I know, I know, my blog is gonna be smited right off the face of the planet.

Observations and Questions
What do you think? If you don't want to comment, and I understand that... then what did the Easter bunny bring you?

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Born this day in 1937, the one and only Daffy Duck, Burbank, Calif., animated character. And in the non-animated death notices we find in 1945, Hannie Schaft "Girl with red hair", executed by the Nazis.
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