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10 April 2006



oys and Girls of all ages... Step right on up and see who won the 1st Annual Name That Thong Contest sponsored by the blogworld's most interesting newspaper, The Not So Normal News. It gives me great pleasure to crown:

The Peanut Queen

the 2006 winner of the First Annual Thong Contest. Miss Peanut Queen will receive her blazing white thong with her winning quote splashed across the tiny little front for all the world to see in Florida there.

To secure votes it was reported to the News that PQ was spotted along Florida's main highway soliciting votes. Trudging through back alleys, even throwing around flyers at Disney World! Peanut Queen pulled out all of the stops which included a private showing of her in her thong, if she won, to Raul if he helped her campaign.

PQ... how disgusting. Raul will be hand delivering your thongy thingy shortly.

In the early hours, the competition was tough. While another good thong quote "Eat My Lasagne" submitted by PDD took the early lead, but as the day wore on, PDD was overcome with a giant surge forward on Peanut Queens behalf. Peanut Queen actually blogged about the contest and begged bartered bribed requested that her readers come to this blog and vote for her thong. Excellent political move there Queenie.

The Official Results

Thank you to everyone that participated either by submitting an entry or by voting for all of the really great slogans!

As I mentioned if you would like to buy a thong with the slogans from the contest, for a mere $9.99. They are on view at Not So Normal Gift Shop. Your purchase will also help me out immensely as I stupidly paid my car note TWICE this month and they won't refund me the money. Blah and Ugh!
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