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01 April 2006



hen first we pratice to deceive. How true, how true. I am so glad I didn't fall for Olga. Why? Was it because deep down I knew she was fake? Deep down I knew she might be using me to get to the U.S.? Noooooo.... I feared she was two-timing me. Yes, that's right... plucking the strings of my heart. Then when the plucking was done, she would throw them on the sawdust floor and jump up and down on them! Hah!

First of all Olga was never her real name and I suspect y'all knew that. Her real name is Vegakatrina, or Katrina depending on what day of the week it was and to whom she was emailing. After the nude picture of "me" that I sent I thought she might stop emailing. Then when I questioned her about Russian dating services I figured she would stop. So far I am right on both accounts.

Then yesterday I recieved the following email from Dan. Read on:

Hello Denny,
I wanted to inform you that you "Olga" is a sham. I got the same original e-mail from "Ekaterina" and wondered how she got to my e-mail with all the filters and such that I have here at the university where I work. I proceeded in a manner similar to you except that, for my original inquiry about how she got my e-mail address, I used a second e-mail account that I have. I was mostly worried about computer security, viruses and such as I'm in a research institution.

I also told "her" that her name was the same as a character in a story I'm writing. I said that I thought it was a funny coincidence. I also told her that I was too old for her and married anyway (both true as is the story I'm writing). I told her that I was using another computer (true) and if her e-mail was a scam she would get nothing from me.

She wrote back sending an identical letter to the one you received except that she spelled her name Yekaterina this time. My curiosity was peaked as I had gotten the spelling of the character's name from some Russians I work with. I replied to her asking about the spelling for my character and got the second letter you received. It contained no answers to my questions. I also didn't get the pictures on the beach, but I didn't ask for pictures.

During this time, I searched the web for Russian scams. I recommend one called Russian Scammers

It gives black lists and a lot of information. I could not find her picture (like the first ones sent to both of us) or find any common phrases that identified her as a scam, but I kept looking.

I could go on about this but I'll try to be brief. I asked her more questions and again told her I was too old and married. In further google searches (I think I used Noginsk #5 + schools), I found your "Not So Normal News" and your articles about Olga. I knew I had her at that point. The first two pictures were the same and the letters were absolutely identical (except for names). I do seem to be a couple of days behind you in getting e-mails. Perhaps this is because I used different e-mail accounts and a different computer to write her. I got the letter you wrote about on the 27th in yesterday's e-mail. It's dated earlier.

I always made note that the original contact was from and she asked to be contacted at a different e-mail address. This was the first "red" flag (sorry about that). I also thought that her English was terrible for a teacher of English-especially in the written form.

Anyway, I know that I have the best spelling for my character. I will try to get her posted on the Russian detective site as a scam artist, but not let her know that I'm on to her. That is suggested on the site as the scammer will just change names and such. I hope this information proves useful to you. Thank you for confirming my suspicions about this scammer.
Sincerely, Dan

Observations and Questions
So there you have it faithful readers of my brief love affair with at least one woman in the "evil empire" as Ronald Reagan opined. Comments? (and be kind!) lol Oh, and by the way... if you even so much as snicker I will send Olga or whatever her name is a really hot email, tell her how rich you are and print your name and email address. So there!

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