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04 April 2006



nd if you are a Madonna fan, you can get yourself to her new concert set to kick-off on 21 May 2006 in Los Angeles. Her long awaited World Is My Dance Floor tour will cruise around the U.S. to 13 different cities, including Philly but not Houston. Then to the rest of the world with 10 more concerts from London to Amsterdam.

You going? Is anyone a Madonna fan these days? Is the Material Girl still hot or has she been subdued by her fake and reserved English living while playing the part of an English manor-born across the pond? I've often thought that looking down her nose at people has become an artform for Miss Madonna Louise Ciccione born 16 August 1958 in Bay City , Michigan at exactly 0700 hrs. CDST.

Do you like the Queen of Pop? I spotted on Yahoo the title "Forget the stage. For Madonna all the world is about to become a stage." So is this tour going to be a typical raunch through sexidom or will be see the new English refined Madonna who writes books for children? Maybe she'll bring new meaning to "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick"

I guess by now you are a bit confused and asking yourself, "Christ, does he like her or hate her?"

Well, to be really honest.... &())^$^$$%%#@+ Damn line noise...

Observations and Questions
So... will you be rushing out to buy a ticket? Could you care less? If your teenager came home and said, "Hey, I scored tickets to the new Madonna concert, she rocks!" Would you give your blessing or take the gas pipe?

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