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06 April 2006



t midnight. That's right folks. Tonight at midnight is the deadline for entering the First Annual Thong Contest. Get your slogan entry to me by that time to be included in the contest. So far here are the slogans I've received. If by some chance, you entered and you don't see your slogan, let me know right away.

I decided not to attach names with the slogans since I wanted you to vote when I put the contest thing up on Monday to vote for the thong and not the creator. But first a word from our sponsor: Yes friends, you can order one or all of the thongs mentioned here. Simply go to Thong Contest, select the one you like and we'll have it shipped to you in no time. All thongs are a mere $9.99 plus s&h. Now you can go to Victoria's Secret and pay an arm and a leg for one, but you'll look pretty darn funny walking around with only one leg sticking through the thong. And now back to our regularly scheduled contest entries!

1st Annual Thong Contest

1. Read Between the Lines

2. Yes, the carpet matches the curtains

3. Cracks Are Us.

4. Do Not Disturb

5. Don't Ask, Don't Tell

6. Enter At Own Risk

7. One Size Fits All

8. I Floss Daily

9. Got Crack?

10. You Are The One To Find The Gummibears

11. Eat My Lasagne

12. One Million Served

13. Warning! Nothing Normal About The News Here

14. Panty Lines Suck

15. Welcome at The Pearly Gate

16. You're In The Presence of Royalty, Shouldn't You Be On Your Knees?

17. Rude, Crude and Socially Unacceptable

18. Runway Inn

19. Safety Equipment Required

20. And You Can Tell Everybody This Is Your Thong

21. They Make Things Bigger In Texas

22. My Other Thong Is A Victoria's Secret

23. Warm Me Up Please

24. Sweetie Pie

And there you have them as the list stands so far. View the entries submitted so far at Thong Contest Any favorites you like? And no, your favorite will not be counted as a vote until the actual voting begins on Monday, when you will really vote.

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