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17 April 2006



aster is over and I've poked fun at the Easter Bunny, the Bible, the Church... did I miss anything? Did I tell you I have a nice spot picked out for myself down below? I'm pretty sure after this week that is where I am headed, especially after the article suggesting that God may actually be an alien on another planet.

Coming up next is Mother's Day... nah, I'm not going there. Then we have Memorial Day... I'm not touching that one either. Then in June we have flag day... and the flag is getting enough abuse in the rest of the world so I'll let that one go without comment. 4th of July? Nope. Geez, I am going into a draught here. I may actually have to write something serious here.

Is there anything you have wondered, "I wonder what Denny Shane thinks about this or that?" Hey, I'm game. I guess by now you have reached the conclusion that I have nothing for today. I have been struggling for 2 hours to come up with something. I know, I know, you're sitting there thinking how can I have nothing when my articles are so well written and thought out that I must prepare them days in advance, huh?

Wrong... I usually begin preparing them about 3 minutes before I start typing. Then about 2 minutes to go, I break into a little sweat. At one minute, my pupils begin to dilate and I go into heavy panic breathing. Now you know the truth about how my articles are born.

The one thing in the news that is really irritating me is this immigration situation. Georgia now has a law that cracks down on illegal entry... from where? Alabama?? While Arizona's Governor vetoed a bill that would allow immigrants to be prosecuted as trespassers. The immigrants, who are not citizens, are demanding that they be given health care, food stamps AND subsistence checks. Here I am a citizen, having spent 4 years of my life in the Navy, trying to live on Social Security Disability. What's wrong with this picture?

Moving right along... 17 May... that's the date when The DaVinci Code moves to the big screen. Yes, I'll be going. I still have severe reservations about Tom Hanks playing the lead. He is so over-rated.

Opus Dei, a small Catholic sect with strong ties to the Vatican and depicted in the book and movie as a bunch of secretive cabal members of murderous monks who drug people, lie and steal to achieve wealth and power in the name of God. I can see where they might be a bit upset.

In a Good Friday sermon at St. Peter's Basilica, Father Ramiero Cantalamessa, speaking before Pope Benedict XVI, attacked the book and the upcoming film as "pseudo-historic" works aimed at undermining the Church's authority.

Observations and Questions
Ok, that's enough of my brain ramblings for this morning. Anything running around inside your head? Anybody wanna go to Hell with me?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1480 Lucretia Borgia, murderess, (poison), daughter of Pope Alexander VI. And in the death notices in 1679, Hofmannswaldau, writer, died.
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