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18 May 2006



ut some kind of voodoo curse on me? If so, please take it off and I will be your sex-slave for all eternity. If this hasn't been the week from hell so far, then I don't know what would be it. Did I mention that my desktop has basically crapped out? It's still down for the count and I am back on this laptop. I hate it.

I know I haven't been around to your blogs this week and leaving comments as usual and I offer my apologies. But between the computer problems and all of my stupid accidents it just wasn't in the cards to amuse myself and offer my typical advice on all of your problems. lol

All of my meds from the VA arrived yesterday (finally) and I am a happy camper. Several times I often wondered what would happen if I went off these meds for a little. I swear I'll never wonder again. I am wondering if being out of a few had any effects on everything that was happening around me. I think I was acting like some crackhead waiting for the next fix... I was out of my "happy" pills and I wasn't so happy. Yesterday they arrived and it felt so good to see them in the pkg. I couldn't wait to take them... and THAT is scarey... well, it was scarey until they began to work... lol

Another interesting little event while I was not on my meds was accidentally trying to reformat my hard drive on the big computer with the disk from the laptop... it took me an hour to figure out what I was doing wrong and then I didn't care about reformatting anyloner. lol

I am also considering an email change. I am getting way too much junk mail... way too much. I'll let y'all know when and if I decide to go with a new address, which I am really thinking about...

Well, I guess that's it for today. I hope I am back into the full groove by tomorrow!

Observations and Questions
So how have you been? Anything new? Got any advice? I am pretty much open to anything today?

Oh! and something else I learned this week: never, ever put candle holders with the remains of candle wax stuck at the bottom into the dishwasher to remove the wax.
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