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05 May 2006



nd as a bonus it's Cinco de Mayo! Estara celebrando usted Cinco de Mayonesa? Will you be celebrating?

I guess this isn't a real big holiday in Idaho or Mississippi huh? It is here in Texas. As you know Texas once belonged to Mexico. In a way I kinda wish it still was... that way I could sneak over the border and get a bunch of benefits and not be "legal" ya know? Hey, don't snicker, that's my God given right! And don't even get me started on those sneaky Canadians that swim across the border.

Ok, moving right along... I'm still driving my car and decided not to buy a new one. I really don't need a new car so I am keeping my Blazer and will only use it for grocery shopping and church on Sunday. If gas goes any higher one of those fun activities will have to be cut.

I am still debating about my phone bill and services I may not need. I think I am going to recommend that they charge you according to what you do on the phone... Hear or Speak. I don't really need to hear anyone, because I don't listen anyway. I only need to speak. I talk, you listen. Why pay for a Hearing addition when I don't use it.

Have you guessed yet that I have nothing to write about this morning?

Observations and Questions
Any plans for Cinco de Mayo?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1900, Spencer Tracy actor (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner). And in the death notices today we find in 1821, Napoleon I Bonaparte, Emperor France (1799-1815), dies in St Helena.
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