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16 May 2006


I could sit right down and cry... that's after I kicked the dog if I owned one, threw the cat in the air to see if it would land on it's feet and flushed old Killer down into the black hole.

I woke up a little after midnight. That's about it for the good stuff... it was all down hill after that. I honestly don't even know where to begin.....

Let's see... I decided to have some toast and for some reason couldn't wait for it to be done and I stuck my hand in to retrieve the bread and burnt my hand... not once, not twice, but I stuck it in THREE times and burnt the top of my hand. Why 3 times? Dunno... I guess to see if it God-damned hurt as much as the first two times.

Then periodically, I kind of go through my hard drive and get rid of files that have been collecting cob webs. HUGE mistake..... I not only got rid of some old files, I also got rid of a few files that help the computer open up Windows and start the process as well. Of course I deleted them and couldn't recover them until it was too late. Poof... all gone. I started looking for my disk to re-install and what do ya know... I couldn't find the little bastards.

Ok, I found an old restore program and put that in... I don't know what the hell took 30 minutes to do but it didn't restore squat. Oh it acted like it was doing something and the little hard drive light was dancing all over the friggen place... green, red and orange... As of right now I have installed this thing 5 times. Nothing.... it pretends it wants to start up, but then sits and laughs at me.

So far, I have burnt my hand three times, re-installed or fixed or whatever it was supposed to do and eventuaqlly took a pair of scissors and scratched a huge one right across the data plates... not just on one.. oh no... I did it to disk 2 also, multiple times. The computer starts up and gets to the opening Windows screen and then sits and does nothing except make hard drive noises like it wants to start.

Let's see, I also dropped a huge ashtray on my little toe....

And you're probably wondering how I am doing this, right? Well I have a laptop, ultra cool but I only use it when I am away for a few days and there are things I need to do on it. But it's not anything I want to sit at all day either.

So I don't know. I'm not even gonna ask how your day is going, because you wanna know the truth? I really don't care. lol
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