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17 May 2006



wo times, that' all... I only fell of the ladder twice while trying to replace the light bulb and the chain pully thing. I took a shower and then looked at my electric razor. HA! not today... I'm not getting electricuted for no one.

Moving right along... I usually write myself a not for the supermarket, which I also did this morning. After the shower I got into the car. You can already see it coming, can't you. Yep, you think I could remember the note while I was locking my front door, or even driving though the gate at my apartment? Noooooo, I remembered it as I put one foot inside the supermarket.

Anyway, I hope I am back to normal tomorrow and will get with the blogging programs... My venture into spring cleaning is over for this year... except I noticed the oven looked a tad greasy.

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