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28 May 2006




nd on the advice of the shrink from the hospital, I have decided to tell you about something that has remained hidden in the deep recesses of my mind until now. Previously, I have only told a very few people this story and went on to regret telling the majority of them. You may think I am really nuts after reading this and I guess I don't blame you. There's not too many people out there who believe me... even though the following is what really happened, as I remember it. Scouts honor.

Several years ago I had a very unrestful night. Tossing, turning, I must have laid in bed for 2 hours trying to go to sleep. Recluctant to take sleeping pills, I did keep a bottle in the medicine cabinet for emergencies just like this one. I got out of bed, walked into the bathroom and slid open the mirror sliding door to the cabinet. A little brown bottle sat on the top shelf. I unscrewed the plastic top and shook out two tiny while pills. I popped the two Trazodone pills, 50 mg each into my mouth followed by a small cup of water. Down the hatch! I figured, ok, these should kick in oh in about a half hour. Climbing back into bed, I anticipated a good night sleep, finally. I turned my head and took a quick peek at the clock-radio on the night table... 12:23AM.

Now I layed there and felt quite wide awake. I was simply waiting for the pills to do their work and force me to sleep... hopfully for the next 6 to 8 hours. I hadn't been sleeping well at all lately and my body was telling me it needed rest and sleep. All of a sudden I could feel myself drifting off somewhere... I was half awake and half asleep I think. My brain was finally shutting down for the night. I felt so comfortable in that bed. I could feel the mattress snuggling against my tired and aching body. mMMMmmMMmm, yes, this did feel good, sleep at last.

I was barely drifting off when I heard a what sounded like a loud humming. I forced my eyes open fighting the effects of the Trazodone, trying to clear my head and focus on the sound. It had some sort of an electrical sound. Maybe there was a frayed wire on one of my lamps in the living room. The humming seemed to be going faster and the sound was lowering.

I was about to put one leg over the edge of the bed when the room was flooded with bright lights. The lights were so bright they completely washed out everything else in the room. I froze right in my tracks and thought, "what the hell is going on here?" It was then I realized I wasn't frozen, I was paralyzed. I was wide awake now and fully able to think... I simply couldn't move. I kept trying. Nothing.

I started to involuntarily move. At first I wasn't aware of which way I was moving: side to side, back and forth. Then I could feel the sensation of moving upwards at a very rapid rate of speed. I could tell I was moving, but I felt no effects. It was a strange feeling, strange sensation. I was still bathed in the incredibly bright light which blinded out everything around me. Imagine being wrapped in a blanket of light so tight you couldn't move within the blanket. That's how I felt.

I could see the light begin to dim and at the same time my body was being turned to an upright position. My feet felt as though they were barely touching the floor or the surface of whatver I was in at the time. My eyes began to adjust to the normal lighting in the room. I could feel my eyelids opening wider as I slowly looked around and took in what I saw around me.



he bright light began to dim down to a normal room brightness. I began to look around at the things and the people in the room with me. Strange people, the likes of which I have never seen before were all around me. Looking at me as if examining me. Their poking fingers prodding at different parts of my body. I felt totally powerless to push them away and the only thing I could do was stand there and let them do whatever they were doing.

(On the right is a composite sketch that was done days later to try and recapture what these things looked like.)

These "people" and I do use the term loosely had no clothes on but there were no real discernible body parts you might expect. They did have arms and legs but nothing else that I would make out. Big eyes, huge almond-shaped eyes were all trained on me. I was beginning to feel embarrassed almost, as I was completely naked.

My eyes wandered around the room and there appeared to be a human female much in the same predicament as I found myself. Naked also, these beings were prodding, pulling and poking at her also. She was as frightened as I felt numb. I tried to speak to her. I could feel my lips moving but no sound came from my mouth. I saw her lips moving but I heard no sound from her either.

All of a sudden as if on cue, her group took her by the arms, turned her around and they left the room. My group took me in the same fashion and we went in the opposite direction down a short corridor and into another room with many rows of movie theater type seating. I was escorted to the first row and guided down into the chair.

There was a curtain in front of me made out of a transparent material but slightly opaque, just enough to blurr the people behind it. I could swear I heard a muffled cry from behind the curtain. As I leaned forward a little to either see more clearly or try and hear what was going on, I realized there were some sort of straps being placed around my arms and chest. Tightly securing me into the chair. I struggled a bit, but to no avail.

The curtain began to open... I sat shocked when I saw the scene in front of me. Very similar to an operating room I thought. On the table in the middle of the room was the woman I had just seen in the other room. On her back, legs in stirrups, her eyes looked very glazed over as if she was drugged. She began to speak incoheritantly. I can remember getting extremely aggitated over what I was seeing in front of me. The beings around me watched with intense scrutiny as I tried to break loose of the bindings around me. It seemed the harder I struggled to break free, the tighter the bindings got around my arms and chest.

My attention darted back to the room in front of me as I heard what sounded like a whirring of some sort. A machine was being rolled into place between the legs of the woman. A light or beam seemed to be glowing on the machine and the stronger the light glowed, the louder the whirring became. The woman tried to struggle but seemed almost paralysed. It was useless. She had to submit to this examination, or experiementing or whatever they were about to do. And I was being forced, for some reason, to watch the scene in an almost horror-like trance.

Part 3: AM I NEXT?


he light in the room became unbelievable bright, blotting out just about everything within the reach of the fluorescence. Her screaming became even louder, the whirring of the machine grew to a fever pitch.

I could feel myself becoming dizzy. When things in my head became a little clearer the curtain in front of me was closed. "What happened?", I thought as everything was quiet. Did I pass out? Was it over? I turned to look at these creatures that were in the theater-room with me. They simply looked at me. Turning to my left I saw a figure sitting next to me. I tried hard to focus my eyes. It was the woman from the table!

She sat motionless, staring in front of her. What the hell was going on? Just then I can only remember standing up and I felt as though I was being transported out of the observation room. I couldn't see a thing but felt the sensation of moving very quickly.

I opened my eyes to a bright lighting surrounding me. As my eyes began to focus better, I could see these strange faces all looking directly at me. Still strapped onto something I tried to see more of what was happening. I heard the "machine" again. I turned my head to the side and could see people and they appeared to be watching me. I screamed as loud as I could when my eyes saw the woman... she was in my chair. Where the hell was I?

I looked directly in front of me. I began to struggle. It was me on the table. The whirling machine right in front of me. My position was exactly the same as the woman's position before me. Legs in stirrups... a bright light beginning to come from this machine. The pain began... it felt as though a chainsaw was going through me. I can remember screaming so loud that I felt as though I must have died on that table.

Then the lights began to subside. My eyes adjusted slowly. I looked around to see the creatures... I quickly turned my head to see the woman. Nothing, they had all disappeared. Where were they? What happened? What would ne next?

As my eyes completely focused, I felt warmth going through my body. This looked like my bedroom I thought. I bolted upright. The straps that were binding me were gone. I was back in my bed.

I jumped from the bed. Was I awake? What this a dream? Did this really happen? I checked my body for marks, anything that could help me. Nothing, except for one fading red mark on my wrist.

Observations and Questions
P.S. I am sorry but when I just reformatted this, I completely forgot about the previous comments. So sorry!

I Also know that while this may have a crappy and fast ending, I cannot dictate what happens in either my dreams or ??
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