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19 May 2006



es, once again I am writing about The DaVinci Code, but not about the book this time. No, this time about the long-awaited movie which opens worldwide tomorrow. The circus that will ensure should be major fodder for the TV news tomorrow night. They'll be movie-goers, protestors, non-demoninational pickpockets... all kinds of people in front of America's theaters.

Dan Brown has said it in the book, spoke the words... "This is fictional" I've seen dozens of interviews with him and he repeats it over and over. What else can he do? The Catholic Church is beside itself over this whole mess. The thing that is interesting here is the Catholic Church is doing everything it can to discredit the movie, cause furor and issue letters of denial... because the movie is erroneous. Really? Then why isn't the RC church going after the Anglican Church in England for removing the Blessed Mother/Mary from the Bible and their beliefs? Or the Jews... now that's a good argument between Christians and Jews... there's Christ or there isn't.

These arguments seem more pressing that whether or not Jesus and Mary were married and had a child.

Plus before I get off my bandwagon... the half of the original Apostles were married, including Saint Peter, the first Pope. If THEY could be married and enjoying the benefits of the matrimonial bed then why can't the priest of the church? That one I will never understand. Maybe if the church did away with this stupid rule, they wouldn't be in the mess they're in right now.

On a side note: I am feeling much, much better today and a big thank you to all of the really cool people that took the time to give me advice, etc. It was appreciated. Now that I am back to normal I guess I should give poor Killer a bath since I've been neglecting him over the past few days. I like to give him a little bath, tiny rub-down... he likes it.

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