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12 May 2006



hen I woke up this morning, which was about an hour ago at 1:30AM, I kinda/sorta thought that I would find Killer belly-up in the tank. I consider it a miracle! Little Killer was peering back at me with its' blue-grey dullish eyes.

And talk about miracles. You may have noticed right under the camera on the left side of the blog you will see the "Killer's Angels Wall of Honor." In the "News" yesterday you will remember that when I broke the story about pathetic, little Killer I mentioned that I was also starting the "Save Killer" movement. I really thought people would be too busy with their lives to care about little Killer. Was I ever wrong!!

My humble "thanks" goes out to Patti from PattiCake Land who was the first person to stand up and be counted by donating $1.00 to the Save Killer Fund. I received notification from PayPal and I was amazed that Patti would care enough to contribute $1.00 to help little Killer. Patti, I publicly thank you! A world-class humanitarian! In addition to PattiCakes, we also had a $1.00 donation from Anonymous. Thank you!

After receiving Patti's donation, I received a phone call. Yes, a real phone call from the Fire Chief, Dan Gonzalez of the Montco Fire Department. Apparently Captain Don and the other firemen (and 1 firegal) read the "News" everyday at the fire station. They read about Killer and jumped into action!

You may remember that Killer was originally in a little "potato salad" cup with a hole ontop and marked down for quick sale. I bought the smallest and least expensive little aquarium I could find. It was the size of a lunch box, (hey now, no jokes about tuna fish sandwiches!).

Anyway, the firemen and firegal of Ladder 21 read about the plight of pathetic little Killer. The chief explained that 2 years ago they were sitting around bored one day and after seeing something on the internet about a poor bird, they sprung into action and chipped in $10 to help save this poor bird. Then they got a brilliant idea. Every payday they put $1 in the pot and they would search the internet for humanitarian efforts. Things must be pretty boring up there in Montco.

When they found something worthwhile, they would donate a certain amount to that cause. Capt. Dan admits that they do it out of amusement because the recipients are shocked when they get either a phone call or an email. Very much the way I was when I got their call yesterday. Capt. Dan told me that they called Pets Mart here in Houston and bought a 10 gallon fish tank, betta food, and some small plants. I was completely shocked. He told me which store to go to and I did.

Capt. Dan also told me that while they do put $1 in a pot for this reason, they also have a much bigger pot, for very real humanitarian reasons... so they are not nitwits up there.

Lo and behold, there everything was when I arrived. Already bagged, paid in full and ready to go. I raced home, assembled everything and moved Killer into his new home. I think he really liked it.

Wall of Honor
As a result of the generosity of Patti, Anonymous and Capt. Don, Ritchie, Bob, Bob2, George, Jason and Regina I wanted to honor them in a small way. Viola! The Killer Wall of Honor. As you can see under the KillerCam I have erected 3 small plaques with their names. Your name can also be placed there. I am making this a joint bloggers effort. If you go to PayPal and donate $1 for Killer, your name will go on a especially designed plaque and placed "on the wall."

The First Honorees

Observations and Questions

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1820, Florence Nightingale, Florence Italy, nurse (Crimean War). And in the death notices we find in 1932, the Lindbergh baby was found dead.
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