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02 May 2006



ou owe me $176.43 for my time. Yesterday I had an appointment with my regular doctor. It was scheduled for 1:20PM... in doctor-speak that means somewhere around 3:30PM.

I am really upset at these practices that doctor's have built for themselves. Make an appointment for 1:20PM and maybe, just maybe you might get in to see him at 3PM. At least with my psych if she says 9AM, guess what? She walks through that door at exactly 9AM, not 8:59 or 9:01 but 9AM on the dot! The atomic clock could be set by her.

Anyway, at 1:20 PM, my appointment time, the nurse comes out and calls my name. Wow I think, this is a first. I go down the hallway and hop on the scale. I have perished to 218. Actually, I haven't lost a single pound since my last weigh-in. Geez, still another 20 to go. Only 40 if I want to get down to my Navy days. Into her office we go and she takes my temperature and blood pressure. She starts reading my file and says that I am due for a pneumonia shot since my last was in 2001. I get that and she promptly announces that the doc is running late and he'll call me when he gets there. Ah ha! A coverup again! I go back out and sit down and wait and wait and wait!! I envision a break room full of doctors all sitting around laughing and having a good old time while the PA system constantly repeats Code Blue Room 45444.

Observations and Questions
Why Why Why? Do doctors think they can be majorly late, not even offer an apology or excuse and act as if nothing is wrong? How about some common decency... Geez, sorry Mr. Shane but I had an emergency in the brea... err Room 45444, a Code Blue.

Things I have learned while waiting for my Doctor
Here are some things you might want to know. I've gathered these while waiting on numerous occasions for my doctor to see me and I should be finished my 1st year terminology class soon... Won't your doctor be impressed next time when he asks how you're feeling and you reply: "OMG, I have been suffering from HA for days now in my O.S."

Code Blue: Patient in cardiac arrest
a.c.: Take before meals
AKA: Amputation above the knee
b.i.d.: Take twice daily
DOE: Shortness of breath on exertion
HA: Headache
in vitro: In laboratory
in vivo: In body
O.D.: In right eye
O.S.: In left eye
O.U.: Both eyes
p.o.: By mouth
p.r.n.: As needed
q.d.: Every day
q.i.d.: Four times daily
SOB: Shortness of Breath
VSS: Vital Signs are Stable

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1907, Pinky Lee, children's show host (Pinky Lee Show). And in the never-ending death notices we have in 1972, J Edgar Hoover, head of FBI (1924-72) and famous cross dresser, dies at 77.
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