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16 June 2006



esterday, back in my hometown of Philly, the City Council agreed, by a narrow majority, to ban smoking from almost all Philadelphia bars and restaurants by January. Sidewalk cafes would be exempt. Private clubs and neighborhood taverns could seek exemptions. The tallies... Democrats for the bill and Republicans against the bill. The Republicans and a handful of Democrats want the bill to allow smoking in neighborhood bars.

As a smoker myself, I understand all of the reasoning behind the bill but come on guys. The neighborhood bars? The gathering places where politics, boxing and other important things of our lives are discussed? The Republicans, including Frank Rizzo, Jr., son of my buddy Frank Rizzo mentioned in yesterdays' article, voted against the bill because they want exemptions for the neighborhood bars.

A last minute save by longtime friend Frankie DiCicco (D), Councilman from the 1st District was pushed through. The deal was sealed after members agreed to support a companion bill, introduced by DiCicco, that would carve out permanent exemptions for private clubs and neighborhood bars.

Personally, I think City Councils, etc are going too far butting into the lives of people with laws like this one. Where is the freedom in this country? Before we do anything, anymore we have to check the law rolls to make sure we're not breaking any laws. And don't even get me started on religious zealots.

Observations and Questions
Do you agree with banning smoking from restaurants and bars? Personally I know you cannot enjoy a nice, ice-cold beer without a cigarette... just like the telephone doesn't work properly without a cigarette. Smokers know exactly what I am talking about.

EXTRA You'll notice over on the right side of the blog I now have the Amber Alert System. Everytime you come please please take the time to glance at it. You just never know one day while in the supermarket you may happen to spot one of these kids.

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1951 Sonia Braga, Maringa Brazil, actress (Dona Flor & Her 2 Husbands). And in our death notices today in 1959 George Reeves, actor (Superman, Gone With the Wind), shoots himself.
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