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27 June 2006



hen we die our choice has been limited as to what happens to our bodies. We are either buried, cremated or in some rare cases shot into space or sunk in the Atlantic. And that's about it, right? WRONG! That's right folks now your body can go on a roadshow! Visit such places as NYC, or Los Angeles or even France!

A process called "Plastination" has arrived! Thanks to Dr. Gunther von Hagens and his Body Worlds organization.. For those not familiar with Body Worlds, it's an exhibition of real human bodies that have undergone the process of plastination and are dissected and posed in a way that shows various aspects of their anatomy. People donate their bodies to anatomist Gunther von Hagens' Heidelberg-based Institute for Plastination, which offers plastinated specimens for educational use and puts together the Body Worlds exhibition. There happened to be a special on this "new rage" on TV yesterday.

People are clamoring to be plasticized rather than be worm food for all eternity. To be put on display around the world, in all of your nakedness.

A portion of this exhibit is in Houston until September. You just KNOW that I have to go to it.

Observations and Questions
Well, I guess my question is... would you be willing to do this?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1927 Bob Keeshan aka Capt Kangaroo aka Clarabelle on Howdy Doody. And in the death notices on this date in 1829 James Smithson dies, his will established Smithsonian Institute.
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