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21 June 2006



am pretty sure I wrote about this already at some point, but today I have a few more to add. Are there commercials on TV that just want to make you scream? Yesterday I saw two of these... I've seen them for awhile now and everytime they come on I wish I had a gun to shoot the TV.

The first one is on the SciFi channel. It shows a guy blowing air into the butt of a dog. The dog begins to blow up like a balloon. Once it's fully blown up the dog kicks the guy in the chops and the guy flys off somewhere. This is simply disgusting. Even if you're into beastiality, I don't think people blow into an animals butt.

The next one is for KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken. The kid turns around and looks at the floor and zeros in on a sneak... a red and white sneak. Then he looks at the guy wearing them and gives him some kind of nodding approval. The old guy wearing the sneak nods his head as if to say, "Yeah man, I'm cool." What the hell does this skit have to do with selling chicken? I guess it is supposed to identify with black people somehow since both people are black. Maybe next they should try going after the Italian market. You could open with a sexy girl with nice breasts and some kid oogling them. The kid smiles and the woman smiles back and gives them a little jiggle.

Observations and Questions
What's your favorite commercial that you love to hate? Come on, everyone's got one or two.

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1732 Martha Washington 1st, 1st lady. And in the death notices today we find in 1876 Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana Mexican general (took Alamo), dies at 82.

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Hong Kong, Taiwan : Dragon Boat Festival
New Hampshire : Ratification Day (1788)
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