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20 June 2006



oday is Tuesday the 20th of June 2006! Yes, all day as a matter of fact! You've already guessed I have nothing for you today, huh?

I even scoured my news competitors for something juicy to write about. They're hurting also and I suspect they came here looking for something to steal as well. I could rehash the North Korean story... why don't we just nuke the north and get it over. If any of my North Korean readers just read that, I am really sorry. There's still time left and you could move to the south.

In other news the Sadam Hussein trial is winding down. I wonder if he'll be found guilty or innocent? With that country I'm not putting money on the verdict either way. If he is found guilty I wish American TV would get some balls testicles and show the hanging Prime Time. I have a question... when they hang someone why do they put a bag over their head? Do their eyeballs pop out or something?

Observations and Questions
Open mic time here on the "News". Got anything to get off your chest?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1909 Errol Flynn actor (Captain Blood, Robin Hood, Against All Flags). And in the death notices today we find in 1947 Benjamin `Buggsy' Siegel gangster, shot dead in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Holidays Today Around the World

Argentina : Flag Day
Senegal : Independence Day (1960)
West Virginia : Admission Day (1863)
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