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09 June 2006



ed light cameras will soon ticket motorists here in Houston. Motorists will soon be ticketed by a camera for going through a red light at 10 intersections across the city.

Officials with the city of Houston said the locations were selected based on the number of crashes at the intersection and how many crashes running a red light caused.

Officials said American Traffic Solutions, the company that was awarded the contract to run and install the cameras, will have the first 10 cameras up by mid-July. The company will install cameras, in groups of 10, every 30 to 45 days.

Officials said a public awareness campaign designed to inform motorists of the cameras will last about 30 days, with no citations being issued for that time.

Drivers can expect to get a $75 fine for a first offense and up to $150 for a third.

Half of me is for this and the other half screams Big Brother. People say: "if you're not doing anything wrong then don't worry." But isn't this just the start of things to come?

Observations and Questions
Is this a good move or are we really moving into a Big Brother scenario?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1934 Donald Duck famous fowl. And in the death notices today we find on this date in 68, Nero, Roman Emperor commits suicide but forever known for his violin aria!
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