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22 June 2006



owever Court TV today should be interesting. Now I'm not making fun of the poor guy that was shot and killed. So get that out of your minds.

Today, a 78-year-old woman spurned by her elderly boyfriend walked into a senior citizens' home and shot the 85-year-old four times in the head, according to prosecutors.

Driskell, now 79, is charged with malice murder, felony murder and aggravated assault for the June 10, 2005, shooting of Herman Winslow. The couple, who lived in the same assisted living facility, had been dating for approximately a year, according to Willis.

Winslow had ended the couple's one-year relationship a few days before, and the defendant was furious. On the night of the murder, Driskell let herself into her former boyfriend's apartment with the key she had yet to return and found the 85-year-old sitting in his boxer shorts, according to prosecutors.

Winslow immediately called security and asked that she be removed. The security guard, Theresa Barnes, successfully convinced Driskell to leave. But shortly afterward, the three ended up in the lobby of the building, where Driskell appeared to be hiding something behind her back, according to Willis.

As Barnes tried to lead Driskell away from the couch where the victim was sitting, the defendant stalled and suddenly pulled a .22 caliber pistol from behind her back. At first sight, Barnes did not believe she was wielding a real gun but soon escaped into a nearby resident's apartment and called 911, according to Willis. (Note: Now I've got a problem here with the guard. She ran into another room to call 911? But nothing happened at that point. I guess it would have been too much to expect the guard to over-power the 79 year old gun-toter.)

Driskell fired four bullets into her former companion's head as he sat reading a newspaper, according to Willis. Once police arrived, Driskell defiantly waved the gun in the air.

"Yeah, I did it, and I'd do it again," Driskell said, according to prosecutors.

Somehow I do not think things bode well for the lady. And I would fire that sorry ass guard.


How about the Honorable Donald Thompson of Oklahoma who was arrested and now on trial for masturbating while on the bench hearing cases.

Thompson, a former Creek County district judge, is charged with four felony indecent-exposure counts for allegedly using a sexual device, known as a "penis pump," during trials. Prosecutors also claim that Thompson "shaved his scrotum" during one of his trials.

Prosecutors first called a trio of Sapulpa police officers, who claimed to have heard a whooshing sound, like that of a blood pressure cuff, during a Aug. 22, 2004 , murder trial.

Mike Reed, who was on the witness stand during that trial, said he realized the sounds were coming from the judge. He said he believed he saw Thompson working a pump with a plastic tube extending toward his crotch.

Prosecutors filed the misdemeanor charge after discovering four pornographic photos in a computer seized from Thompson's office. The photos show a woman performing oral sex, supposedly on Thompson.

Observations and Questions
Should the age of the woman in this case have any bearing on anything? And as for the judge... I am just shaking my head. lol

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1858 Giacomo Puccini Italy, operatic composer (Madama Butterfly). And in the death notices we find in 1969 Judy Garland singer/actress, dies in London at 47.

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