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23 June 2006



ep, I have 2 balls! They're just sitting and gathering dust. I would have taken a picture and put it on here but didn't think anyone would have been that interested.

Ok, I had my little perverted fun for this morning. But seriously, I have 2 balls... baseballs. The first ball is from back in the 50's. I was out in Connie Mack Stadium watching the game and Duke "The Silver Fox" Snider hit a homerun into the centerfield stands. I was the lucky one to grab it!

Back then, after the game, you could stand by the side entrance of the stadium and wait for the players to come out after the game. If they were in a good mood, they would always stop and autograph whatever you had for them. I had the ball and now what I needed was Duke's autograph. If I was lucky I would also grab Robin Roberts autograph since he was pitching for the Phillies and delivered the fateful ball to Snider. Both of these guys are in the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was a long wait but well worth it. Snider came out first and I pushed my way ahead of the crowd and stuck out the ball. Snider said, "Hiya kid, is this my homerun?" I smiled, "yep, sure is" Then I thought... crap, what if he wants it? Luckily he didn't, signed it and said "there you go." Wow! not only did I get his autograph but he actually talked to me! Cool!

Next up, I waited and waited. The small crowd was beginning to dwindle, but I stuck it out. Roberts came out and I wasn't sure that he would stop. He seemed to be in a hurry. All of a sudden, it seemed as an after-thought he simply stopped and started signing things. I handed him the ball and he smiled and signed it.

Two Hall of Famers on one ball! How lucky was I? Of course they weren't Hall of Famers yet, but the future held it for them. Then there happened to be a baseball card show in Philly with the star attraction Pete Rose signing autographs. Now how cool would it be to have a ball with THREE Hall of Famers? I paid my $5 and stood in the LONG line for his signature. Finally I handed him my prize possession and he looked at it and smiled and then inked his name.

Dammit, I want Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame! What am I going to do with a ball with 2 famers and a disgrace? Come on guys, let by gones be by gones, let him in, please?

Observations and Questions
Have you ever gotten anyone's autograph? If not, then what else you wanna talk about today?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1894 Alfred Kinsey entomologist/sexologist (Kinsey Report). And in the death notices today in 1973 Fay Holden actress (Mother-Andy Hardy films), dies at 77.

Holidays Today Around the World
Denmark : Midsummer Eve
Finland, Latvia, Scandinavia : Midsummer Eve/St John's Eve
Luxembourg : Official birthday of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg
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