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15 June 2006



ince it seemed to go over so well yesterday and as promised... today is the 2nd shelf on my desk. I know, you probably were waiting all night for this posting. So without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, I present... the 2nd shelf.

Left to right" You can just about see it but it's Anne Rice's book The Mummy which I am having a hard time getting through. Next is fellow blogger, Erin O'Brien, and her book Harvey and Eck, and a very good read. Then of course what bookshelf wouldn't be complete without The Bible.

Next we have the Liberty Bell. This was given to me by my old friend Frank Rizzo, Mayor of Philly. I visited him in City Hall and while we chatted he buzzed his secretary and told her to bring in a big liberty bell for me. She told him they only had two left... a big bell and a smaller bell and that to remember that the Pope was visiting the following week. To make a long conversation short, I got the big bell and the Pope...well, he got the little ringer.

Next is a little stone that my youngest daughter got out of a machine at the Zoo... actually when she put the quarter in she got two stones instead of just one. She gave me one and she has the other. Next, and you can barely see it is a boat. The boat and the dolphin in back of it I purchased in the little village of Bomba, Belize while on my way to Altun Ha, a Mayan temple site. Next is another stone that when my oldest daughter visited me we each bought one at the Johnson Space Center here in Houston. I believe she still has her stone on her desk at work.

We finally get to the "pot". I was taking a small walking tour in eastern Belize near the Guatemala border one day. Walking around in the rain forest actually. My group was walking along a dirt path towards a very small Mayan Inca site when I spotted a lump in the ground and something was sticking up out of the dirt. I reached down, cleared the dirt and pulled this clay pot from its' buried site. I can't imagine what used to be stored in it as it is so small.

Now I had a major decision to make... turn it over to the authorities or keep it for myself... I guess you know what my decision turned out to be.

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Not as exciting as you thought, huh?

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Born this day in 1946 Jim Varney Lexington KY, "Hey Vern", actor (Ernest Goes to Jail). And in the dusty death notices we find on this date in 1984 Meredith Willson composer (Meredith Willson Show), dies at 82.
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