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28 June 2006



onestly, is there any place safe, anywhere? I was just reading the news about the rains and flooding in my hometown of Philly. The major rivers that straddle the city are coming out of their banks and flooding everywhere.

The thought hit me... is there anyplace that is safe? Fires in California, Tornados and Twisters in central United States, Hurricanes on the East Coast down to Florida... Mudslides in Central and South America.

Just once I'd like to see the news start off with: "It was a really nice day here today." I don't mean for the weather, I mean as the opening headline on the nightly news. No freaks of weather, no murders, no civil wars... Is this planet going crazy?

It has gotten to the point with me that I really, really, REALLY hate turning on the news. Same crap, different day.

The only good thing I read was this guy XXXXXXXX was executed in Texas last night for his little murder spree in Texas a few years ago. He killed a woman, in her house, a few blocks from my house at the time. I used X's because I didn't want to give him one more ounce of publicity.

Good News Department
Now here is some good news for a change. Health officials said Manuel Uribe weighed 1,235 pounds when he made a desperate plea for help on national television in January.

Unable to leave his bed for five years, the 41-year-old mechanic in the northern industrial city of Monterrey longed to move again. His plea was answered by doctors and nutritionists who prescribed a high-protein diet, helping him lose about 200 pounds since then. Gilberto Montiel, health secretary for Nuevo Leon state, said medical officials have been monitoring Uribe's weight and confirmed the loss.

"I feel better now, I can stretch and move a bit more," Uribe said Monday, flanked by Dr. Barry Sears, creator of "The Zone" diet, who came to check on his progress.

Still, Uribe said he has just enough energy to sit up and move the sheet that covers his body. His goal is to lose another 770 pounds. Uribe was a chubby kid, weighing more than 250 pounds as an adolescent. Starting in 1992, he said, his weight began ballooning further.

Uribe drew worldwide attention when he appeared on the Televisa television network in January. For the last five years, Uribe has been bedridden. He keeps a television and a computer he uses to update his Web site near his iron bed.

"People think that I can eat a whole cow but it's not just overeating, it's also a hormonal problem," Uribe said. "For now, I'll keep doing the diet and if I get stuck I'll consider the surgery."

His goal is to get down to about 220 lbs. I just weighed myself on the bathroom scale. 220.5 Ummmm, I'm thinking I look pretty damn hot right now.

Observations and Questions
Name something you saw on the news that was REALLY positive in your hometown! I'm serious. I want to hear some good news for a change!

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1577 Peter Paul Rubens, my 12th cousin, 12 times removed, born in Siegen, Flemish Baroque painter (Circumcision). Happy Birthday cuz. And in the dusty death notices we have in 1975 Rod Serling writer/host (Twilight Zone, Night Gallery), dies at 60.

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