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14 June 2006



hen I am scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to write about. And today should be obvious. When I resort to taking pictures of my bookends, you know you're gonna be in trouble and bored.

I was a poor, white kid growing up in Mississippi... oops, sorry, wrong story.

Here we see just one of the really interesting, unretouched bookshelves on my desk here at "News" world headquarters aka my extra bedroom turned computer/den/library/all purpose junk room room. The focus is not on the books but on the bookend in the middle. The monkey holding a set of 3 books. Amazingly interesting huh? Yeah, I thought so... along with Mr. Bookend, there is a small statue of Saint Dennis. He is holding his head in his hands. It was reported that after having his head chopped off for his Christian beliefs that he actually walked around for a little bit holding his severed head. (I swear I am not making that up).

The next item, is a relic of Saint John Neumann, 4th Bishop of Philadelphia. On one side of the monkey you can see a small sampling of my "DaVinci" Code related books. I reference them often for various things. On the other side are actually CD's of my family history. It has gotten so big I had to start putting it on CD's to eventually hand out to family members. I always imagine that the monkey holding the printed versions of my family history. I bought the monkey at a flea market for $3.00.

Are you still with me? awake? anxious for more? I just looked and this article is long enough. I always want to give you your monies worth when you visit me on the "News."

Observations and Questions
Were you fascinated today? Want to see the next bookshelf tomorrow? On it is a small pot that I found while traipsing through the jungles of a Central American country one day.

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this day in 1969 Steffi Graf, West Germany, tennis player (Grand Slam 1988). And in our death notices we find in 1986 Marlin Perkins "Wild Kingdom" host, dies near St Louis at 81.
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