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30 July 2006



ithout sinning first! and coming here for forgiveness either!

Yes, sinners here we are once again... meeting to discuss your sins, both small and great. We prefer to discuss the great ones, mainly because they are the most exciting.

Looking over the sins from last weeks' confession... they were okay, but not really great! Oh we had the usual being mad at your life partner, but we want to hear how you got back at your partner by going out and sinning bigtime behind their back!

Now before we get to your sins I would like to talk about my new book, "The Denny Shane Code" as seen on the right here.

Now I know it might look a bit familiar to everyone, but my attorney's "Dewey, Cheetum and Howe" assured me everything was legal as long as I wasn't trying to fool people. Plus I have cut costs unbelievably with this method. The little yellow stickers with my name is way cheaper than a whole new cover.

This book reveals everything and I do mean everything! I hide nothing! Despite the fact that it has come under heavy criticism from the Vatican, something about excommunication, it was about time I told the truth.

And at the price of $24.95, it is a steal. It's such a steal, I should be going to confession. This book has taken 30 years to write, almost half of my life.

Many reviewers have said, and I quote, "pure rubbish" and "what a piece of junk". Nowhere in the book do I say it's 100% accurate, nor do I say it's 100% inaccurate.

I leave that up to you to decide.

And now onto your sins! Step into the comments confessional and let 'er rip!

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29 July 2006



oday is Saturday and that means Photo Scavenger Hunt. Today's subject is Animals and/or Pets.

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Well, I was going to retell the story of Tillie and Willie my little pet turtles. But it brings back terrible nightmares for me. However, just in case you missed it the first time around I'll try to retell it. You know the kind of turtles... the kind you can buy at pet stores for a dollar each... except I found these guys at our summer home on Wilson's Lake in Fries Mills, New Jersey.

Image Hosted by

They were playful little things... so full of life. One day it was feeding time and I always fed the little things. But today would be different. We were out of turtle food. Despite that fact, I would not let my little, lovable pets go hungry!

Sooooooo... what did I do? Well we had a bag of fresh Italian rolls. Hey! I was 10 years old, how did I know turtles couldn't eat a whole Italian roll? Yes, I submerged the whole roll in their little home away from home. They were so happy as they swam around and ate til their bellies were full. Except when their bellies started to swell and then ka-BOOM... I never knew rolls could expand like that. It was a mess... turtle parts all over the place. Well, you get the idea. Snif... snif... I can't go on telling the story.

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I think because I am a Piscies, I enjoy aquatic pets.

Today's picture is of Killer, the Betta. Yes, the same little fish that we have all come to love and treat as a member of our family. For the benefit of our new readers... Killer was on the reduced for quick sale rack in the pet store. Quick because they wanted to get rid of him before he expired. My wonderful bloggers came to Killer's rescue and donated money, $1.00 each, and other items like a fish tank, food, etc. I have the BEST readers in Blogland!

Image Hosted by

So far, I have taken excellent care of him and he doesn't eat Italian rolls.


Snif, snif... anyone have a tissue?

Observations and Questions
Any pet stories you would like to share?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1938 Peter Jennings, Toronto Canada, news anchor (ABC Evening News). And in the death notices today in 1974 Cass Elliot, singer with the Mamas & Papas, chokes to death at 30 in London.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Norway: Olsok Eve Festival
Gilroy, California: Garlic Festival
28 July 2006



ometimes we think television here in the United States, the land of the free and freedom of choice, goes a bit too far. While the U.S. prohibits nudity, etc on major channels and frequently uses that little blurred box, other stations around the world show nudity all the time, even prime time.

However, Parkistan is taking things to the extreme. The Pakistani government has asked private television newsstations not to air gruesome images of suicide bombings, accidents and terrorist attacks, according to officials and media outlets.

Last week, local news programs broadcast graphic images of a suicide attack that killed a prominent Shiite leader in the southern port city of Karachi. In the footage, the charred head of the bomber was shown lying at the site of the attack.

Entertainment programs particularly have broken new ground. In one program, “Late Night Show with Begum Nawazish Ali,” a cross-dresser openly flirts with guests, often politicians and film stars, and blurts out tongue-in-cheek jokes and sexual innuendoes about the state of affairs in the country.

Another program questioned the country’s rape laws, which make rape victims liable for arrest for fornication and which rights activists say have blighted the lives of thousands of women in the country in the name of Islam.

Stacy from The Peanut Queens Lair asks, "I'm afraid to find out how much alcohol affects brain cells.

Dear Stacy...
Very good question. In my research I have found the only people worried about this situation are those that ummmm... how should I say it... frequently get sloshed.

A study by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and other institutions found a link between low to moderate alcohol consumption and a decrease in the brain size of middle-aged adults. However, I personally have known pea-brained politicians who never touched a drop of alcohol or so they claimed. Back in my political days I was known to have imbibed a little here and there. Ahem... And look at me today... there is nothing wrong with me! LOL

Observations and Questions
Should we allow the showing of items on TV like the ones mentioned above? Move them to cable?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1967 Lori Loughlin, NY, actress (Edge of Night, New Kids, Secret Admirer). And in our death notices today we have in 1655 Cyrano de Bergerac French dramatist/novelist, dies in Paris.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Bermuda: Adm George Somers Day (1609)
San Marino: Fall of Facism Day (1943)
US: Joseph Lee Day-honors playgrounds (1937)
US: Volunteers of America founders day (1859)
Peru: Independence Day (1824)
27 July 2006



t was bound to happen... popping up all across the country, doctor's offices are opening up at places like WalMart, Rite-Aid and CVS Pharmacies. Yes folks, now while you wait to be checked out you can head on over to the Doctor's office right there in WalMart for a blue light special!

At least six retail clinic chains have emerged in the past few years—all betting there are millions, who either don't have insurance, don't have a provider, or don't have the time to spend in a doctor's office for a minor health problem. One woman needed to get medical attention. In 20 minutes, she got a diagnosis and two prescriptions from a nurse practitioner at the store, which she filled at the pharmacy in the same store. Total cost: $45.00.

In a recent study 84% responded that they would go to such places and pay for the services. 10% said they would not and 6% didn't know if they would.

Bud Buckley asks: I once wrote a column in college about having grown up in Philly. I was in a NY college. And the jist of the column was that Philly has an inferiority complex, living in the shadow of NY's constant fame. You ever think about that?

Bud, believe it or not I have thought about this very subject, as have countless more Philadelphians over the years. I think to come to the reasoning you have to go back to the very beginning. I mean way back... 1776. Here you have 2 cities within a 100 miles of each other and basically just starting out in the new world.

Philly had residents such as Benj. Franklin, Tom Jefferson etc. They were working night and day on forming our country... the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, flying kites, etc. Many nights while writing the Declaration Tom Jefferson walked from his modest house... his home away from home, to the Head House Bar where other representatives would gather after a long day of debating at Independence Hall. They had ideas and plans and questions which would form the United States.

At the same time in New York... well, I don't know what they were thinking up there on the Hudson. Maybe that was the problem, they were mixing their own Happy Juice using water from the Hudson. New York was becoming a party city... their biggest accomplishment was figuring out how to get that giant ball to ring in the new year. The Capital of the United States was even moved from Philly to New York. New Yorkers were having fun and didn't want the seriousness of the capital... so it moved to Washington, leaving New York to go back to it's partying. And we've seen over the years how New York has become the crossroads of the United States or some other self-proclaimed catchy title.

Of course this rivalry has gone on for years and there are tons of reasons and I can only give a few sentences to the subject on my blog here. But your question is a valid one and will give everyone reading it this morning a lot to think about over coffee or at the water cooler today.

Observations and Questions
Any comments on either of our two subjects today?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1944 Bobbie Gentry, Mississippi, What did Billi Jo throw off that bridge? and in the death notices today we find in 1990 Bobby Day, rocker, (Rockin' Robin), dies of cancer at 60.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Puerto Rico: Jos. Celso Barbosa Birthday (1857)
26 July 2006



ast week on Friday I asked if you had any questions. Things that you may not want to write about on your own blog. The response was so large that, after going over each one, I realized that there was no way I could answer them all in one sitting.

So today I am lisitng the questions. Maybe once or twice a week I will answer the questions until they are all gone or I get tired of the idea and move on. lol Anyway, for better or worse, here they are:

Bud Buckley asks: I once wrote a column in college about having grown up in Philly. I was in a NY college. And the jist of the column was that Philly has an inferiority complex, living in the shadow of NY's constant fame. You ever think about that?

Stacy wants to know: "...I'm afraid to find out how much alcohol affects brain cells."

LisaBinDaCity writes: "How 'bout marrying someone out of your faith?"

Mone in Germany requests: "how about a nice, friendly, socially acceptable letter to my Mom?"

Patti-Cake asks: "Hmmm how about writing about someone you have a crush on .... I definitely steer clear of that one on my blog."

RainyPete wants to know: "How about foods that Denny shouldn't eat again?"

Barman chimmed in with: " How about the double standard of your son or your daughter when it comes to dating, sex, etc."

Carolyn suggests: "What about affairs of the heart? Why can some people stay in love and committed to each other for years, and yet others become dissatisfied after a little while and cannot? (This of course barring assault/battery and having to leave for dangerous reasons)"

Dark Angel quizically asks: "past lives, what EXACTLY or who EXACTLY do you think you were without everyone thinking you're insane and what details (particular interests, dreams, deja vu, etc.) led to you be convinced of who and where you were last time?"

Brighton really wants to see me assassinated by asking: "Ok, I'd like to hear about your days in politics. The dirty side though..."

Vince writes that he "has a fear clowns, and writing about clowns. So I won't want to read anything about it either, or even want to come to your blog if God Forbid you posted a picture of one. So I don't know what to say? I'm actually going to see a psychic who does regressions--she says she can cure me of my fear of clowns"

Observations and Questions
I tried writing the answers for all of the questions but my answers were running over and onto 3 blogs over. So I'll have to do one or maybe 2 a day. Bear with me and I'll get them all!

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1943 Mick Jagger Rolling Stone. Where does he get the energy? He must take something. And in the death notices today in 1952 Eva "Evita" Peron Argentina's 1st lady, dies in Buenos Aires at 33.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Athens, Texas: Black-Eyed Peas Jamboree
Cuba: Anniversary of Moncada Barricks attack (1953)
Liberia: Independence Day (1847)
Maldives: National Day (1965)
New York: Ratification Day (1788)
Sweden: Bellman Day
24 July 2006



hat I have written this blog entry today. Blogger simply refuses to co-operate.

I have made an executive decision here at the "News"... everyone can have the day off! I know, I know... I promised answers and discussions on your questions from last Friday... Three times I tried, in vane, to do it and three times my answers went to blogger heaven. So, as I said, today is a holiday. I'll hopfully get to the article in tomorrow's News.

WAIT! I do have a question! I was just out in the kitchen and decided to have cereal for breakfast as opposed to my normal eggs and filet mignon... I have 3 boxes of cereal, all open. Does anyone else mix their cereals together? I have been doing this for many years...

Observations and Questions
So what are you going to do on your day off now?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1840 Flora Adams Darling founded Daughters of American Revolution. And in our death notices today we have in 1986 Vincente Minnelli movie director, dies in LA at 76.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Costa Rica: Annexation of Guanacaste Day
Luiza Puerto Rico: Fiest of Santiago Ap¢stal
Netherlands: Independence Day
Puerto Rico: Constitution Day (1952)
Tunisia: Republic Day (1957)
23 July 2006

DEAR FATHER DENNY... "blah, blah, blah"


es my little sinners, you know what time it is, don't you? I know, I know, I said this was going to be a Monday post, but so many sins are rolling in that from time to time I'll have to expand and run a two day event.

And Heaven knows since last week when I gave y'all permission to go out and have fun and load up on your weekend sins, this week should be a doozey.

Now for the new sinners amongst us... the way this works is easy. You go commit sins and then come here and confess them in the privacy of the comment section aka "the confessional." I mean come on folks, if this was any easier, I'D be going out and committing your sins for you! Sigh...

Now we're trying something new here at "The Confessional" Run of the mill, unimportant sins, stand on the left. The really good and hot sins stand on the right. One little note here... the people in the run of the mill sin line... y'all have a long wait since the really hot, lewd and lascivious sins on the right takes precedence. If you are female, you have my permission to jump in ahead of the line.

Now if y'all are ready, then let's get on with that forgiveness... Oh wait, I almost forgot... I have a Sermon for today also. Look at that folks, forgiveness and a sermon... what a bargain huh?

The Sermon

Dear (insert name): I have been doing some research on the internet regarding forgiveness of sins ON the internet. I found that there are places where you can go and for a fee ahem, donation... your sins will be forgiven.

Now sinners, c'mon gather around here.

You know that I have never, ever requested a donation to forgive sins here on the "News", despite the fact that I have the authority to with-hold forgiveness unless a donation is given... I will never do that. I understand you need your money to go out on the weekends in order to afford those nasty sins you are willing to commit and then come and confess.

Ok, hold on a second. Last week you saw a photo of the outside of our new church. Well, Starving Diva from one of our poorer ministries wanted to know if I could show the interior of the church. Well Starving Diva, I hate to show the interior because it slows down the contributions for the outside renovations, just a tad. But anyway, on the left below you can see the outside shot and on the right, our interior shot. A small room off to the side houses the "Not So Normal News" offices and the "My Anything But A Normal Life Conglomerate"... for deduction purposes ya know. Happy now?

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Now, onto the Confessional! Who is First?

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22 July 2006

Lights! Camera! ACTION!!


kay, as you know from last week, Saturday has become Scavenger Hunt. The object being that you go to the Scavenger Hunt blog, see what the title for the following Saturday is going to be and then you take a photo that represents that weeks subject. Easy huh?

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Well, sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's not so easy. To wit: this weeks entry. I didn't have the time to go out and take an Action photo, so I did the next best thing. I went through my extensive photo collection for an Action photo. I also think one of the guidelines is that you also take the picture.

To be honest... I did not take this picture. Actually, I don't know who took it.

Denny on bike

Anyway, here we have a young, cute lad of 4 or 5 years old. On his trusty bike we can assume that he is a hero cowboy on his faithful steed racing either after the bank robbers or he IS the bank robber and making his getaway. Personally I like to think I was... err... I mean, he was chasing the bandits. Man, I.. ummm... he has Action written all over his face!

Now the following picture doesn't seem to indicate any Action at all, does it? However what took place immediately before taking this picture, would qualify as an Action photo of the first degree.

Portrait Denny

Here we see the same adorable, cute angel posing for a keepsake photo. You're asking, "ok where's the action?" Let's travel back in time... say oh dunno, 5 minutes before this picture was snapped. There you would witness, this cute, angelic boy taking a pair of scissors and cutting his suspenders in half. Why you ask? Very simple.... I... err... he didn't want his picture taken. What's wrong with that? Prior to cutting his suspenders... he threw a Ber Rabbit book at the photographers screen, and guess what? Did you guess he put a hole in the screen right behind where he is sitting? But let's go back before the book throwing incident.

Little, lovable De... errr... happy boy, hid behind the sofa in the living room... screaming "no picture!" His father, who happened to have a broken leg and in a cast... had to crawl in one end of the sofa and threaten all kinds of fiery hell stuff before the cute kid would come out.

And there you have it folks... my contribution to the Scavenger Hunt Photo for today. Join me next week when the title is supposed to be "Pets/Animals" I will try and comply with this one!

Observations and Questions
Any comments?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1940 Alex Trebek, Sudbury Ontario, TV game host (High Rollers, Jeopardy). I'll take "Blogs" for $100 Alex. And in the death notices today we find in 1988 Luigi Lucioni, not a Mafioso person but an Italian landscape painter (opera stars), dies at 87.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Pakistan : Bank Holiday
Poland : Liberation Day (1944)
Swaziland : King's Birthday
21 July 2006



nd I have absolutely nothing to offer you in the way of intelligent reading material. I have a lot of nonsense stuff but I think more highly of you than to throw in garbage for you to think about...

So... I've come up with a great idea! Yes, a great one! Now I know you wrack your own brain trying to come up with entertaining and thoughtful blog entries all week long. But, if you're like me, there are several subjects you are afraid to write about. Here's your chance... your BIG chance. In the comments section, you give me an idea, an idea on what you would like to see me write about, but you are afraid to write about. Then one day next week I'll write about every single idea. A paragraph even just a sentence, but I will write about it! Now how's that for an idea?

Oh you know you want to do it!

Now don't forget, tomorrow is picture day. The subject is "Adventure" I think I have my picture all picked out. And then on Monday it's Confession day on the News. So get out there this weekend and sin, sin, sin. Then come back on Monday and ask for forgiveness... of course you must confess your sins in the confessional (comments section) before Father Denny can forgive you.

Observations and Questions
SO... what would you like me to write about? Yes, you!

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1924 Don Knotts, Morgantown WV, actor (Andy Griffith Show, 3's Company). And in our death notices, this date, in 1967 Basil Rathbone, Johannesburg S Africa, actor, dies at 75.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Belgium: Independence Day (1831)
Bhutan: 3rd King of Bhutan's Death
Bolivia: Martyr's Day
Guam: Liberation Day
20 July 2006



elow are two little stories out of the headlines. Read each one and then think about them... what would you do? Then you can read the rest of the article and see the resolution. Now don't cheat.

Scenario #1
Imagine yourself living in beautiful Colorado. Suppose your 12 year old daughter comes home from school one day and announces that she is getting married, the following week. What do you do? Do you say: "oh cool, congrats"? or do you freak out?

Scenario #2
You're in school. You are 13 and your best friend is 14. One day, out of the blue, you get a message from the Principal to both come to his office. Both of you are scared to death. What did you do this time? When you get there the Principal offers you money if the both of you strip down and get completely naked. What do you do?

Scenario #1 Outcome
A 12-year-old girl can enter into a common-law marriage in Colorado, and younger girls and boys possibly can, too, a state appeals court ruled Thursday.

While the three-judge panel stopped short of setting a specific minimum age for such marriages, it said they could be legal for girls at 12 and boys at 14 under English common law, which Colorado recognizes.

Colorado is one of 10 states, plus the District of Columbia, that recognize common-law marriage, which is based on English law dating back hundreds of years.

Scenario #2 Outcome
A former principal of Camden's Pyne Poynt Middle School pleaded guilty yesterday to offering money to two students to strip in front of him.

Daniel L. Edwards, 56, of Pennsauken, faces 364 days in county custody and five years of probation as part of the plea agreement when he is sentenced Oct. 6, acting Camden County Prosecutor James P. Lynch said.

Edwards, who retired from the school system in February 2005, also must pay $8,300 in fines and penalties, is barred from public employment for life, and must register as a sex offender under Megan's Law.

In pleading guilty to two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, Edwards admitted that in February 2002 and January 2005, he offered two boys - ages 13 and 14 - money to take off their pants and underwear. Neither complied.

Observations and Questions

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1947 Carlos Santana Mexico, musician (Santana-Black Magic Woman). And in our death notices, this date, in 1983 Frank Reynolds news anchor (ABC Evening News), dies at 59.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Columbia-1819: Independence Day
Tunisia-1956: Independence Day
US: Moon Day
18 July 2006



fter yesterday's close call with Killer, I began to think, "what if Killer did die... is there a Fish Heaven? How about for poor poochie that has been your faithful companion for years? Do dogs get in? Or are they destined to be worm food?

Churches of almost every denomination, as well as many Jewish groups, are bringing animals to the front of religious consciousness - and in some cases, right up to the altar. Clergy are performing animal blessings, funerals and even weddings. While animal spirituality has long been debated, interest is turning into actions designed to recognize animals' spiritual roles.

The attention shouldn't come as a surprise: Almost six in 10 American households include a pet, compared with one in three that includes a child. And animals have long been revered in religion. Buddhism regards animals as beings in different stages of reincarnation. Hinduism and Jainism embrace vegetarianism out of respect for all life. Islam teaches respect for animals as part of God's creation.

What got me started on this even more was this conversation that I came across on the web. It started when this girls kitten died:

Is it possible that God takes animals to heaven? My little kitten died on Monday morning. I am just overcome with grief. After he passed, I brought his body to the vet. I was holding him in my arms just to see his little face one last time. For a moment it seemed like his spirit was back in his body because his eyes just came alive looking back at me for a brief moment and I heard his meow. I know some of you will think it was my imagination. Maybe it was ... but that meow... I heard it loud and clear to the point where it startled me.

And the answers she got:
I don't know about animal's in heaven but I know the love you provide to your little kitten was important and that his little life was something important. I saw my father so sad when he lost his guinea pig and I know this was something for him. Every animal is God's creature.

I don't think our pets go to heaven. Nice thought but God made only us with immortal souls. Not animals. Our immortal souls are what make us like God. St Thomas Aquinas likens animals to animated robots. That sounds a bit callous. But then, God wants us to respect animals as part of creation as his great project and gift to us.

and another:
Are the souls of animals also immortal? They are not immortal. Animals are not capable of any operations which transcend the conditions of matter, and do not rise above the sensitive to the intelligible order. Also they are devoid of the moral intuition. Animal souls are therefore dependent upon matter both for their being and their operations, and cease to exist with death.

and finally:
God created the souls of the animals before the soul of man. I have posted on this before but do not have time right, now. Pope John Paul II said that God is very close to the animals. Animals have a soul and spirit.

Immortality follows from the fact that the soul is a spirit which, being simple, has no material parts. Not being made up of parts, it is impossible for the soul ever to decompose, corrupt, or perish.

It is believed that in heaven all life as we have here on earth will exist, even plant life as it has a soul, too, though plants do not have a sensitive life as animals do. And, animals do not have a soul and spirit as we do but God will not destroy these beautiful loving(souls) animals like your kitten. God loves the animals more than we can ever love them for He created them but He alone knows where their little spirits will be.

What happens is that man(general) thinks that God made this world for only him and that animals are to be used. NO! God told Adam to take care of all His creatures(the animals.) Man has abused all of God's little creatures, like in research, and in daily life. And, so much, that there is no place for many wild animals to live. Joyful, I personally believe that God will reward all of His little creatures in the other world(heaven) for all that they have and are suffering in this life. God loves His little creatures, all of them. And, as Our Pope John Paul II said, " God is very close to the animals." In the Bible it says that God did not want any more sacrificing of the animals. He came and died Once and for all. And, there would be no more need for the sacrificing of animals. The Church does Not sacrifice animals and so God saw this, too! God loves all His animals.

Observations and Questions
So now.... what do YOU think?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1860 Lizzie Borden murderer, gave her mother forty whacks. And in the death notices we find in 1969 Mary Jo Kopechne dies at 28, in Ted Kennedy's car.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Burma: Martyrs' Day
Laos: Independence Day



t's been awhile since I wrote about Killer so today I thought I would give y'all a little update. I decided the other day to clean the tank. I'm sure Killer poops but I've never seen it so I only assume it was all down in the gravel. I decided to completely clean out the tank... completely!

First I fished him out, after 5 minutes of chasing him around the tank and put him into a little bowl and then began taking everything out... plants, rocks and scooped up the gravel. Then I began to empty out all of the water.

Scrubbed the tank clean, washed the plants... really nice looking. Refilled the tank and then put Killer back in to enjoy the freshness of the tank. Within 2 hours I thought I was going to have to rush Killer to the fish hospital. He was floating sideways at the top of the water.

I tapped on the glass and he made little movements with his fish lips. I think he was saying, "you moron, you didn't put water adjustment tablets in the water."

ACK! and I didn't have any. Out the door I went and to the fish store. Got the tablets and headed home. I hoped poor Killer was still there and not in fish heaven!

I read the directions and it said one tablet. I threw in 2 tablets. Figured it would be faster acting. Shrug. He began to swim sluggishly within the hour. I took my relic of Saint John Neumann and rubbed it on the glass... I started looking up fish resuscitation on the web just in case. The hours drug on slowly. I put fish flakes in... he didn't even go towards them. How would I dispose of him? Down the toilet? Yuck... I had to do better than that. I'll bury him out front by the flowers. He would like that...

The next morning when I went into the room and flipped on the lights. There Killer was swimming all around... AND... this is the amazing part. He was excited to see me! He swam up to the front of the tank and was wagging his tail! I swear to God he was... every morning now when I turn on the lights he does the same thing. He swims to the front of the tank and acts like a dog when you come home from work... back and forth, wagging its' tail... It's amazing!

Observations and Questions
Any pet problems you need to tell us about?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1910 Red Skelton comedian (Clem Kadiddlehopper, Freddie the Freeloader). And in the death notices in 1989 Rebecca Schaeffer actress (My Sister Sam) is shot by a fan at 21. Man, she was beautiful also!

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Spain : Labor Day/National Day
Uruguay : Constitution Day
16 July 2006



ow I know y'all expect to see the confessional box here on the weekends. However, as you can see, I've discovered something else to occupy this space on the weekends which is a photography thing. If you missed it, look below and you'll read about it.


I have however, moved Confessions to Mondays... What better day to hear confessions than the day after the bebauchery and sin filled weekend you just went through. Yes sinners I am here to help you in your quest for salvation! I forgive ALL sins, I don't care how bad and sordid they are, I want to hear everything! Even your impure thoughts! Come to think of it, I prefer hearing about your impure thoughts.

Now child, yes... you... if you can't think of any sins you've committed, then please return next Monday with the ones you can remember. If they are really, REALLY bad you can also email them to me in utmost confidence.

Special - This Week Only!
Yes, I am running a special for this week only! A 2 for 1 special. You tell me 2 sins and I give you the penance for only 1 sin! Now find anyone else willing to do that in confession for you! I do it cause I care. Also to drive in more business.

And remember my slogan, "The better the sin, the less penance!"

Many of you have written in and asked where our church is and what it looks like. I've taken a picture for you. Now I know it looks a little bit run down. From the donations you leave at the door I have put a down payment on the building. Sure, it needs a little work but with the man upstairs help we will get it fixed up. Mr. Bob, the handyman that lives upstairs says it will look great in a year!

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15 July 2006



ou're asking... ok, why is Denny showing us a picture of a door? Well thanks to BBSGIRL aka Jan I discovered a blog that has a little non-prize contest every Saturday. They give you a subject and you have to find it, take a picture of it and post it on your blog on the following Saturday.


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Well, today's fun assignment was simply "A Door or Doors" and this is my contribution.

It's a fun little thing to do, especially when like me I can't think of anything to post on a Saturday. So this gives me a chance while I am outside rambling around lost in Houston to discover things and look at objects. Then take a picture with my trusty little Kodak EasyShare camera.

These doors belong to a church that had a sort of "going out of salvation" sale in Houston, near downtown. It was being sold back in December when I took this picture. The building was empty and the congregation moved on... the only thing left was the lonely, abandoned wreath above the door heralding the time of year for closeness, people and friends. The church was sold and has since been torn down.

Ok, as a total after-thought I decided to maybe frame my photos of the week. I'm not sure you're allowed to do it. If not then maybe I'll post 2 pictures... one with and one without! lol Far be it for me to adhere to anything ya know. LOL


Observations and Questions
If you like to take picture, you should visit the Scavenger Site and sign up. It doesn't cost anything and the site owner does visit your blog to look at your picture of the week on the subject they chose. Next week is "Action"

Breaking News!!


This just in. Out in Ohio a two-faced kitten has been born! The kitten, now less than a day old has 2 heads, 4 eyes, 2 noses and 2 mouths. The pets' owners say the "Ripley's Wannabe" was born early yesterday to a normal feline mother and father that they own. Vets say it's too early to tell if the kitten will live. So far it refuses to eat.

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1946 Linda Ronstadt Tucson Az, singer. And in the burial vault today we find in 1881 William "Billy the Kid" Bonney killed by Pat Garrett.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Brunei: Sultan's Birthday
Japan: Bon Festival/Feast of Lanterns/Black Ship Day (1853)
Pakistan: Mohammed's Ascension
13 July 2006



hat's exactly what I heard at the concession stand yesterday at the movies. As you know, my two youngest daughters and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest yesterday. What I didn't expect was to be robbed right there in broad daylight inside the movie theater. It was horrible. My first thoughts were to protect my girls. But I had to hand over my money.

It all started after we entered the movie palace. Of course we wanted some goodies and fortifications before we started riding the waves with Captain Jack Sparrow. Batt'lin' Pirates is tough work, you need to be strong.

The girls ran to the stand and started, "I want this and this and some of that and then more of this."

"Hold on my little wenchettes, I'm not Rockefeller." That statement would come back to bite me right in the ass.

We ordered 3 medium popcorns and 3 medium sodas. My happy-face look turned to a stupid "huh" face when the person brought our goodies, smiled and said: "That'll be $24.75 sir. Sir? Do you need oxygen sir? Are you ok sir?"

I stood there with this really shocked look on my face... almost as if Captain Sparrow came up behind me and shoved his sword up my butt. Since I only went with an extra $20 in my pocket, I had to actually use my credit card! Now there is a first. Using a credit card to pay for popcorn! YES POPCORN!

Even my daughters were shocked. I knew this because they were standing there completely quiet and their mouths agape. My middle daughter, (middle because my oldest daughter lives in Philly), she's so sweet really eased the pain when she said: "wow, when mommy takes us to that other movie place we never pay that much." She's such a sweet girl... knows just how to flame the fires!

ANYWAY... you're not here today to listen to my rants about the snack prices. Pirates of the Caribbean, Part 2. Personally, I think Part 2 was even better than Part 1. Johnny Depp's character swashbuckled and pranced across the screen in true Captain Jack Sparrow style. I really don't want to say too much because I don't want to spoil the plot, etc for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. But I will say that you will enjoy it... you will laugh... and you will cry... but only if you are buying popcorn at an AMC Theater near you.

"You think that is the end of my little tale, huh? Think again me mateys..."

To top the day off, as I was driving to drop the girls off, I said: "So what did y'all think? The oldest said she enjoyed it. My youngest said and I quote: "it was friggin' awesome!" The car began to swerve, careening down the highway, my life flashing before my eyes.

"What did you say?" at that point I thought she would realize what she blurted out... or maybe my ears finally crapped out... but no... let's add more blood pressure raising fun for daddy....

She repeated it! "it was friggin' awesome!" Please Captain Jack take me away. I want to be a galley slave on the Black Pearl!

Observations and Questions
Can you believe that? $25 for popcorn and soda? So yesterday's little jaunt came to just about $50.00 What do you pay for popcorn?

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
France, Guiana, Polynesia, Guadel, Martinique : Bastille Day (1789)
Iran : Appointment of the Prophet
Iraq : Republic Day (1958)
Senegal : African Community Day

On Tomorrow's Monday's Blog
Update on Killer. Tune in for an update on your favorite Betta-fish.... the one and only Killer! (Who can be seen on the left side of your screen.) Ooopppsss... sorry I thought tomorrow was Friday. Need to wait til Monday now.



ater on today I'm taking my two daughters to see Pirates of the Caribbean. Yesterday I bought the tickets online and the bill came to $20.80. Now I have bought movie tickets before for myself and my daughters and usually paid around the same price... 1 adult and 2 children - $18, $19 $20. But for some unknown reason it simply made me sit back and think. My brain raced through hyper-space, like on Stargate-SG1. The year was about 1957.

I was standing on the corner of Frankford Ave. and Girard in the Fishtown section of Philly. In front of me was my entertainment for almost the entire Saturday. The Jumbo Theater. This venerable movie palace was named after Jumbo the Elephant (see picture) in P.T. Barnum's Circus and was billed as the biggest elephant on earth and it was the biggest.

Back in those days when I say going to the movies was an almost all day event... it really was an all day event. For the ticket price of .25 yes, twenty-five cents, you got 2 first run, full length films, a whole gaggle of cartoons, the latest installment of Flash Gordon and Ming the evil emperor, and of course the informative NewsReel of world events. Plus as a bonus on Saturday you could also buy a whole dinner setting, plate by plate. No back-ordering... you had to be there to purchase the plate of the week. You wanted a serving for 4? You already knew where you would be for the next 4 Saturdays. Popcorn was a nickle, but if you had the money you could really splurge and get the HUMONGOUS SIZE for 10 cents.

Now I can't remember if Camel was his first name or he was Mr. Camel, but we just called him Camel. Ever present flashlight in his hand, Camel would stalk the aisles in the theater for loud and noisey kids...ummm namely me. As disgusting as it sounds now, the floors of the movie house, under the seats, would become the under-terrain for whatever was in the movie that day. Flash Gordon? The floor was Ming's evil dungeon. The bunch of us would slither along the floor of the nasty ruler's domain and week after week we would be escaping his menacing clutches.

Then there was Mr. Kelly, the general manager. The only time you ever saw him was if you were in trouble. Over time Mr. Kelly got to know me very well and knew my first and last name on site. I don't think that was a good sign.

The third person was the cleaning lady. Poor, poor woman... I sit today and can't even imagine what she went through by the time we were done having popcorn fights and ju-ju bead fights. She had to be a saint... she was also my grandmother... that made me a man among men... "Wow, Denny's grandmother is the cleaning lady!"

The Jumbo opened in 1909 and closed down forever in 1964.

So today I'll go to the movies, just like all the Saturdays ago. Plunk down my $20 for butter popcorn and a soda for the girls and watch one film and a few advertisements for upcoming movies. When did going to the movies get so boring?

Going to the movies in 1957: .35 (including popcorn)
Going to the movies in 2006: $40.80 (including popcorn)
Taking my 2 daughters: Priceless

Observations and Questions
Can you remember ever going to the movies by yourself for the first time?
12 July 2006



s you might guess, when I skip my blood pressure medicine I can tend to get a bit annoyed at things... particularly TV shows. Yesterday a few things bothered me enough to bring them to your attention.

First up... CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Not to be confused with CSI: New York, or CSI: Miami or CSI: Philadelphia or CSI: Istanbul.

Maybe if there are any people that read my blog that are involved with real CSI types can answer my question/complaint du jour.

When the people go into a house or property they use flashlights. They walk room to room shining the lights on whatever... why can't they just turn on the friggin LIGHTS! I suspect they might just find things much easier with the lights on.

Next was a show on Discovery Channel: Real Crime Scene Autopsies. Now honestly I am not an necrofiliat or whatever they call people that get off on dead bodies. Again if anyone is a mortician or anyone actually in the autopsy business perhaps they could answer: Why do they put a little cloth over the private parts of the dead person? They showed ripping open the person chest and removing the intestines, even sawing into their brain and removing the brain and putting it on a table to examine! That's fine but whatever you do don't show a dead penis or vagina? Come on guys. I know what they look like. Don't treat us like morons.

Now I ask the ladies, if you watched an autopsy show and Viggio was on the slab... would it bother you if he wasn't "draped"? And guys... same question but with Cindy Crawford? LOL

Get It Off My Chest
I originally was going to do a posting simply about this upcoming court case, but I couldn't. Everytime I thought about it I would get totally hyper. So after I finished the bog for this morning and posted it... I just HAD to say something. So that's why the first two posters didn't get a chance to comment.

They are beginning to pick the jury for the sonofabitch in Florida that raped and killed little 9 year old Jessica Lunsford. I do not know how I missed part of this story. I swear I never heard it before and I usually follow court cases, etc pretty closely.

This royal scumbag, and I am not even going to dignify him by mentioning his Goddamed name here. This bastard, not only raped her, but he put her in a trashbag before burying her. The poor little girl was STILL ALIVE! She even asked him for her teddybear that she grabbed from her bed when this perverted piece of shit took her. He gave her the toy, tied the bag up and then buried her, ALIVE. And there she layed in her cheap casket as she undoubtedly struggled to hang on for dear life... Dammit this pisses me off to no end!

The sentencing, assuming it is death... and note to the people on the jury in Florida, it better be death... the State has one of two choices: lethal injection or the electric chair. Dammit I know what they better give this piece of absolute human scum.

Personally the electric chair is too humane for him.

I imagine:
Judge Shane: Mr. Foreman, has the Jury reached a verdict and punishment?

Mr. Foreman, Denny Shane, also: Your Honor we the jury find the defendant Mr. Puke Guilty and hereby impose the following sentence to be carried out right after lunch:

We the Jury would like to see him hung 2 feet above the floor by his balls. Let him hang for a day. No more than a day, we don't want to be that cruel. Then after the day is up, take a surrated, rusty knife and detach his balls from his body. Underneath him is a bed on nails. Now these won't kill him, just stick in him a bit. After that, remove him before infection sets in. Turn him over and wipe him down with a mixture of alcohol and vinegar. Oh wait! I forgot... he still has his penis even though his balls were cut off. Hmmm, ok tie piano wire around it while it is soft and then show him porno movies until it gets nice and hard. Oh man, I can hear the screaming already. Now Florida has a lot of mosquitos and there is no sense letting them go thirsty with all that bleeding. Give them a go at him. (ok, this is where you can add stuff).

I wish to God I lived in Florida and was picked for this jury. Oh, I would have played the impartial game to get on it... and they thought the Marquis de Sade was a bit harsh? lol

Observations and Questions
Talk amongst yourselves... Also: I think the punishment for this scum should be: (what???)

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 100 BC, one of my favorite uncles, Julius Caesar, Roman Emperor. His sister Julia was a great grandmother of mine. Fine family! And in the death notices we find in 1979 Minnie Ripperton singer (Lovin' You), dies of cancer at 30.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Central African Republic, Chad, Congo: Independence Day (1960)
Northern Ireland: Orangeman's Day (1690)
Rhodesia: Rhodes Day
11 July 2006



nce again that modern wonder of all wonders, television has brought forth a story that astounded me. Last week I wrote a story and said, "Nothing can surprise me anymore." I was soooooooo wrong.

I watched this show about a man living in Europe somewhere... not the astonishing part. His wife died after a long illness... nope, not the astonishing part. After a few years he developed cancer... nope, not yet. It seems that he developed this cancer only in his penis. Ok, ok, I swear this isn't a joke... did ya hear about the man that got cancer in his penis?" The man was not happy because the doctor informed him that in order to stop the cancer, they had to amputate his penis. Ouch!

So what did they do? I mean come on... his manhood... gone. A life of sitting down to pee, never to stand up like a man. Here comes the astonishing part... they decided to cut off the middle finger of his right hand and sew it on where it belonged down below and he now had a brand new penis. Yes... he now had a penis and he could once again stand and pee. Somehow they fashioned his finger to look like one. Cut a little hole in his fingertip so he could urinate.

Now the man can give people the finger AND flash them at the same time! According to the story, he recently got engaged. I swear this is a true story and I am not making this up.

Observations and Questions
Question: Ladies... if you were single and dating and you met a guy... would you? Men... Sorry, I can't even think of an appropriate question here.

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1956 Sela Ward, actress, (Hilary-Emerald Point NAS). And in the death notices in 1989 Sir Laurence Olivier acting great, dies at 82.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Appleton Cheshire, England: Bawming the Thorn Day
Dahomey, Ivory Coast, Niger, Upper Volta: Independence Day (1960)
Mongolia: National Day (1921)
North Belgium: Flemish Day
09 July 2006



onestly, I thought when you got a little older, you started to calm down and things didn't bother you as much. With me, those little things seem to get over-blown a bit. I am getting exceptionally good at blowing little things into major global incidents.

Okay, this situation may not rank up there with the North Korea problem, but it is a problem. Yesterday I was watching television and a commercial came on for the new TV series, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." This show had it's premier last Thursday I believe. The show's not the problem here... the advertising for it is the problem.

The commercial said, " An all new episode!" DUH! Of course it's an "all new episode"... the stupid show just started last week! Who writes these things? I mean, I didn't think they were into reruns after just one show. Maybe TV has always been this dumb and it's because I am getting older that I am becoming more aware of these things?

Observations and Questions
Are there little things in your life that should be insignificant but the potential for blowing them completely out of proportion hides in the background?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1882 Ima Hogg, Texas art patron/founder of the Houston Symphony. (How could her parents name her Ima?) And in the death notices today we find on this date in 1692 Bridget Bishop, the first alleged Salem witch was hung.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Albania : Army Day
Bahamas : Independence Day (1973)
Wyoming : Statehood Day (1890)
South Africa : Family Day
Swaziland : Reed Dance Day

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07 July 2006



ue to the fact that I have nothing to write about today I am starting the weekend sinfest! This is also for the people that don't get to participate because they blog from work and not from home! Here is your chance workbloggers to get those nasty little sins off your soul!

Yes sinners, you know what time of the week it is... time to go to confession. Father Denny is available to you in the comments section. Tell him your sins this past week and he will forgive you. All are forgiven.


No sin retained. If you have had thoughts of disposing of your mother-in-law, impure thoughts about the mailman, milkman, Father Denny... I want to hear all! Pictures can be sent to me via email. Pictures of you naked will get top priority!

Hurry! Tomorrow may be too late! You will feel much better (and so will I)!

06 July 2006



ell friends, with nothing better to write about today I scoured the headlines and stole some material. Yes, for a switch rather than having ABC steal news from me, I have turned the tables. Enjoy!

Keith Richards: Capt. Jack Sparrows Father
Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is lined up to play the swashbuckling father of Johnny Depp in in the third installment of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series, star Johnny Depp said Tuesday.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer said Richards would have a cameo role as the father of the flamboyant Captain Jack Sparrow, played by Depp, in the third "Pirates" movie, which is due to resume filming next month in California.

Willie Nelson Buys Boyhood Church
Hoping to save a piece of hometown history, Willie Nelson has bought the Methodist church where he honed his musical skills as a boy.

Nelson, 73, celebrated the church's preservation at a Sunday service that brought together longtime parishioners, friends and family - including his sister - for prayers and gospel music.

"Sister Bobbie and I have been going to this church since we were born," Nelson said. "Now, you're all members of the Abbott Methodist Church, and you will be, forever and ever."

Ken Lay Dies in Colorado
Rest Finally in Peace Ken.

A Bunch of "Why's"
Why can't we find Osama bin Laden? We found al-Zarqawi. We found Sadam Hussein. Why can't we assassinate what's-his-name in North Korea?

"I Flushed The Problem"
James Jenkins wanted to end it. No more fantasies. No more molesting little girls. He knew he was the only one who could stop it; he was just waiting for the right time.

The right moment arrived one night nearly three years ago when he was alone in an Accomack County, Va., jail cell. He had spent five years in a Virginia prison for sexually molesting three young girls and another 2 1/2 years for violating his parole. The next morning, a prosecutor was going to ask a judge to commit him to a state facility for high-risk sex offenders. Jenkins could think of only one way out.

He asked a jail guard for a razor. He told the guard he wanted to look nice and cleanshaven for his court hearing the next day. The guard hesitated but handed Jenkins the blade. Jenkins walked to the shower in his cell. He bit the blade out of its plastic casing and stuffed an apple in his mouth to muffle his screams. Then he castrated himself and flushed his testicles down the jail cell toilet.

Observations and Questions
Whatcha got for me this morning?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1925 Bill Haley, Mich. (& the Comets-Rock Around the Clock). And in the death notices we find in 1971 Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, jazz musician (Hello Dolly), dies at 70.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Malawi: Independence Day (1964)/Republic Day (1966)

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04 July 2006



es folks, in another one of our scoops, we have discovered how prison officials in Multan, Pakistan are trying to cut back on soaring electrical bills.

MULTAN, Pakistan - "When I woke up I felt a pain in my lower abdomen, but later in hospital, they told me this," Mohammad said. And enlighten us, what did they tell old Fateh Mohammad?

Fateh Mohammad, a prison inmate in Pakistan, says he woke up last weekend with a glass light bulb in his anus.

On Wednesday night, doctors brought Mohammad's misery to an end after a one-and-a-half hour operation to remove the object.

"Thanks Allah, now I feel comfort. Today, I had my breakfast. I was just drinking water, nothing else," Mohammad, a gray-bearded man in his mid-40s, told Reuters from a hospital bed in the southern central city of Multan.

"We had to take it out intact," said Dr. Farrukh Aftab at Nishtar Hospital. "Had it been broken inside, it would be a very very complicated situation."

Mohammad, who is serving a four-year sentence for making liquor, prohibited for Muslims, said he was shocked when he was first told the cause of his discomfort. He swears he didn't know the bulb was there.

"I don't know who did this to me. Police or other prisoners."

The doctor treating Mohammad said he'd never encountered anything like it before, and doubted the felon's story that someone had drugged him and inserted the bulb while he was comatose.

Observations and Questions
I am really flabbergasted at this one. I know there is some kind of smart remark inside of me trying to get out but I can't think of any. You?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1810 Phineas Taylor Barnum, Bethel Conn, circus promoter (Barnum & Bailey). And in the death notices we find in 1983 Harry James swing-era bandleader/trumpet player, dies in Las Vegas.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Algeria : Independence Day (1962)
Isle of Man : Tynwald Day (1266)
Laos : Boun Festival
Rwanda : Peace & National Unity Day
Venezuela : Independence Day (1811)

Please look over on the right side of the blog... and elsewhere on my blog and where the fellow bloggers pictures are/were. The storage place tried to collect their monthly fee but due to the fact I change my accounting number, they failed to get their 30 pieces of silver. Without warning they disconnected me immediately.

On Monday I tried to email them and even called them. I spoke with a girl who answered the phone. She acted as if she didn't have a clue what I was speaking about. I asked for the contact person and he was busy but would call me back. Well here it is Wednesday and no call. I'm taking my biz elsewhere. I searched your blogs and took pictures to use but failed to get many of them.

SO...if you were over there and your picture is missing, send me another one poste haste! Also, if you would like to be there let me know also! Thanks! If I don't hear from you in a week, give or take, then your blank spot will come down.
03 July 2006



nd don't do anything I wouldn't do! But if you do, send me pictures!


Observations and Questions
Any plans for today?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1826 Stephen Foster Lawrencevil, Pa, composer (Oh! Susanna, Swanee River). And in the patriotic death notices today we have in 1826 both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and in 1831 James Monroe

Holidays Today Around the World
1776 Declaration of Independence-US gains independence from Britain
1845 Texas Congress votes for annexation to US
1862 Lewis Carroll creates Alice in Wonderland for Alice P Liddell
1865 1st edition of "Alice in Wonderland" is published
1883 Buffalo Bill Cody presents 1st wild west show, North Platte, Neb.
1884 Statue of Liberty presented to US in Paris
1956 Independence National Historical Park established in Philadelphia



e The People... had lost the Revolutionary War? English 1 - America 0. As we prepare for America's birthday tomorrow July 4th, the thought occurred to me earlier how different things would be here, or would they?

Instead of pizza being the number 1 junk-food, would we be serving fish n chips? Our spelling surely would be different... not to mention English accents. Plus, when the colonists came here did they ride their horses on the wrong side of the road? and when did we switch?

Canada might not be our neighbor to the north... we might all be one huge country. And how about the Queen? Would she have a summer residence here on Cape Cod? Would Ted Kennedy being wearing a white wig? Would I be living in Houstonshire on the Gulf?

When everyone wanted George Washington to become the leader of the country, they wanted to make him King... but he refused and that's when they came up with President.

Observations and Questions
Can you think of any other ideas that would be different? Am I the only one that sits here and thinks about these things?

P.S. Sorry about no pictures or graphics but my Solis account is screwed up. I guess it won't get fixed until I can get someone in their offices.

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date 1943 Geraldo Rivera aka Gerry Rivers, nosy newsman (Geraldo). And in the death notices we find in 1971 Jim Morrison rocker (Doors), dies of heart failure in Paris.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Algeria : Independence Day (1962)
Idaho : Admission Day (1890)
Caribbean Common Market : Caribbean Day (1973)
Lesotho : Family Day
Zambia : Heroes Day