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13 July 2006



hat's exactly what I heard at the concession stand yesterday at the movies. As you know, my two youngest daughters and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest yesterday. What I didn't expect was to be robbed right there in broad daylight inside the movie theater. It was horrible. My first thoughts were to protect my girls. But I had to hand over my money.

It all started after we entered the movie palace. Of course we wanted some goodies and fortifications before we started riding the waves with Captain Jack Sparrow. Batt'lin' Pirates is tough work, you need to be strong.

The girls ran to the stand and started, "I want this and this and some of that and then more of this."

"Hold on my little wenchettes, I'm not Rockefeller." That statement would come back to bite me right in the ass.

We ordered 3 medium popcorns and 3 medium sodas. My happy-face look turned to a stupid "huh" face when the person brought our goodies, smiled and said: "That'll be $24.75 sir. Sir? Do you need oxygen sir? Are you ok sir?"

I stood there with this really shocked look on my face... almost as if Captain Sparrow came up behind me and shoved his sword up my butt. Since I only went with an extra $20 in my pocket, I had to actually use my credit card! Now there is a first. Using a credit card to pay for popcorn! YES POPCORN!

Even my daughters were shocked. I knew this because they were standing there completely quiet and their mouths agape. My middle daughter, (middle because my oldest daughter lives in Philly), she's so sweet really eased the pain when she said: "wow, when mommy takes us to that other movie place we never pay that much." She's such a sweet girl... knows just how to flame the fires!

ANYWAY... you're not here today to listen to my rants about the snack prices. Pirates of the Caribbean, Part 2. Personally, I think Part 2 was even better than Part 1. Johnny Depp's character swashbuckled and pranced across the screen in true Captain Jack Sparrow style. I really don't want to say too much because I don't want to spoil the plot, etc for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. But I will say that you will enjoy it... you will laugh... and you will cry... but only if you are buying popcorn at an AMC Theater near you.

"You think that is the end of my little tale, huh? Think again me mateys..."

To top the day off, as I was driving to drop the girls off, I said: "So what did y'all think? The oldest said she enjoyed it. My youngest said and I quote: "it was friggin' awesome!" The car began to swerve, careening down the highway, my life flashing before my eyes.

"What did you say?" at that point I thought she would realize what she blurted out... or maybe my ears finally crapped out... but no... let's add more blood pressure raising fun for daddy....

She repeated it! "it was friggin' awesome!" Please Captain Jack take me away. I want to be a galley slave on the Black Pearl!

Observations and Questions
Can you believe that? $25 for popcorn and soda? So yesterday's little jaunt came to just about $50.00 What do you pay for popcorn?

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