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30 June 2006



es folks, today and tomorrow I bring you another free service of the "Not So Normal News."

As many of you know, I am an ordained minister in the Universal Church. The fact that I applied online, didn't have to study and was ordained as fast as I could type my name into the blank has no bearing whatsoever on anything. Anyway, I have decided to hold "Confessions" right here on my blog. I will forgive all sins that you confess.

Authentic and Unretouched Certificate

That's right and here's how it works. You go into the confessional (comments section) and write in your sin... and I will forgive you. Please do not worry... the "seal of confession" applies here and I will never divulge who you are or what your sin involved. Your sins are private and personal... they are safe with me!

The sin you tell should ideally be a deep, dark secret sin you have buried in the pits of your mind. The one that would totally embarrass you if it ever got out. I know they bother you, get them off your chest now for free.

Special note from Father Denny: Dear friends... this may become a weekend special here on the "News". It all depends on how good the sins are.

Go in Peace my little bretheran and bretheraness's,

Observations and Questions
"Bless you child, and your sin is.......?"
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