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07 July 2006



ue to the fact that I have nothing to write about today I am starting the weekend sinfest! This is also for the people that don't get to participate because they blog from work and not from home! Here is your chance workbloggers to get those nasty little sins off your soul!

Yes sinners, you know what time of the week it is... time to go to confession. Father Denny is available to you in the comments section. Tell him your sins this past week and he will forgive you. All are forgiven.


No sin retained. If you have had thoughts of disposing of your mother-in-law, impure thoughts about the mailman, milkman, Father Denny... I want to hear all! Pictures can be sent to me via email. Pictures of you naked will get top priority!

Hurry! Tomorrow may be too late! You will feel much better (and so will I)!

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