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15 July 2006



ou're asking... ok, why is Denny showing us a picture of a door? Well thanks to BBSGIRL aka Jan I discovered a blog that has a little non-prize contest every Saturday. They give you a subject and you have to find it, take a picture of it and post it on your blog on the following Saturday.


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Well, today's fun assignment was simply "A Door or Doors" and this is my contribution.

It's a fun little thing to do, especially when like me I can't think of anything to post on a Saturday. So this gives me a chance while I am outside rambling around lost in Houston to discover things and look at objects. Then take a picture with my trusty little Kodak EasyShare camera.

These doors belong to a church that had a sort of "going out of salvation" sale in Houston, near downtown. It was being sold back in December when I took this picture. The building was empty and the congregation moved on... the only thing left was the lonely, abandoned wreath above the door heralding the time of year for closeness, people and friends. The church was sold and has since been torn down.

Ok, as a total after-thought I decided to maybe frame my photos of the week. I'm not sure you're allowed to do it. If not then maybe I'll post 2 pictures... one with and one without! lol Far be it for me to adhere to anything ya know. LOL


Observations and Questions
If you like to take picture, you should visit the Scavenger Site and sign up. It doesn't cost anything and the site owner does visit your blog to look at your picture of the week on the subject they chose. Next week is "Action"

Breaking News!!


This just in. Out in Ohio a two-faced kitten has been born! The kitten, now less than a day old has 2 heads, 4 eyes, 2 noses and 2 mouths. The pets' owners say the "Ripley's Wannabe" was born early yesterday to a normal feline mother and father that they own. Vets say it's too early to tell if the kitten will live. So far it refuses to eat.

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1946 Linda Ronstadt Tucson Az, singer. And in the burial vault today we find in 1881 William "Billy the Kid" Bonney killed by Pat Garrett.

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Brunei: Sultan's Birthday
Japan: Bon Festival/Feast of Lanterns/Black Ship Day (1853)
Pakistan: Mohammed's Ascension
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