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27 July 2006



t was bound to happen... popping up all across the country, doctor's offices are opening up at places like WalMart, Rite-Aid and CVS Pharmacies. Yes folks, now while you wait to be checked out you can head on over to the Doctor's office right there in WalMart for a blue light special!

At least six retail clinic chains have emerged in the past few years—all betting there are millions, who either don't have insurance, don't have a provider, or don't have the time to spend in a doctor's office for a minor health problem. One woman needed to get medical attention. In 20 minutes, she got a diagnosis and two prescriptions from a nurse practitioner at the store, which she filled at the pharmacy in the same store. Total cost: $45.00.

In a recent study 84% responded that they would go to such places and pay for the services. 10% said they would not and 6% didn't know if they would.

Bud Buckley asks: I once wrote a column in college about having grown up in Philly. I was in a NY college. And the jist of the column was that Philly has an inferiority complex, living in the shadow of NY's constant fame. You ever think about that?

Bud, believe it or not I have thought about this very subject, as have countless more Philadelphians over the years. I think to come to the reasoning you have to go back to the very beginning. I mean way back... 1776. Here you have 2 cities within a 100 miles of each other and basically just starting out in the new world.

Philly had residents such as Benj. Franklin, Tom Jefferson etc. They were working night and day on forming our country... the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, flying kites, etc. Many nights while writing the Declaration Tom Jefferson walked from his modest house... his home away from home, to the Head House Bar where other representatives would gather after a long day of debating at Independence Hall. They had ideas and plans and questions which would form the United States.

At the same time in New York... well, I don't know what they were thinking up there on the Hudson. Maybe that was the problem, they were mixing their own Happy Juice using water from the Hudson. New York was becoming a party city... their biggest accomplishment was figuring out how to get that giant ball to ring in the new year. The Capital of the United States was even moved from Philly to New York. New Yorkers were having fun and didn't want the seriousness of the capital... so it moved to Washington, leaving New York to go back to it's partying. And we've seen over the years how New York has become the crossroads of the United States or some other self-proclaimed catchy title.

Of course this rivalry has gone on for years and there are tons of reasons and I can only give a few sentences to the subject on my blog here. But your question is a valid one and will give everyone reading it this morning a lot to think about over coffee or at the water cooler today.

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Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1944 Bobbie Gentry, Mississippi, What did Billi Jo throw off that bridge? and in the death notices today we find in 1990 Bobby Day, rocker, (Rockin' Robin), dies of cancer at 60.

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