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18 July 2006



t's been awhile since I wrote about Killer so today I thought I would give y'all a little update. I decided the other day to clean the tank. I'm sure Killer poops but I've never seen it so I only assume it was all down in the gravel. I decided to completely clean out the tank... completely!

First I fished him out, after 5 minutes of chasing him around the tank and put him into a little bowl and then began taking everything out... plants, rocks and scooped up the gravel. Then I began to empty out all of the water.

Scrubbed the tank clean, washed the plants... really nice looking. Refilled the tank and then put Killer back in to enjoy the freshness of the tank. Within 2 hours I thought I was going to have to rush Killer to the fish hospital. He was floating sideways at the top of the water.

I tapped on the glass and he made little movements with his fish lips. I think he was saying, "you moron, you didn't put water adjustment tablets in the water."

ACK! and I didn't have any. Out the door I went and to the fish store. Got the tablets and headed home. I hoped poor Killer was still there and not in fish heaven!

I read the directions and it said one tablet. I threw in 2 tablets. Figured it would be faster acting. Shrug. He began to swim sluggishly within the hour. I took my relic of Saint John Neumann and rubbed it on the glass... I started looking up fish resuscitation on the web just in case. The hours drug on slowly. I put fish flakes in... he didn't even go towards them. How would I dispose of him? Down the toilet? Yuck... I had to do better than that. I'll bury him out front by the flowers. He would like that...

The next morning when I went into the room and flipped on the lights. There Killer was swimming all around... AND... this is the amazing part. He was excited to see me! He swam up to the front of the tank and was wagging his tail! I swear to God he was... every morning now when I turn on the lights he does the same thing. He swims to the front of the tank and acts like a dog when you come home from work... back and forth, wagging its' tail... It's amazing!

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