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22 July 2006

Lights! Camera! ACTION!!


kay, as you know from last week, Saturday has become Scavenger Hunt. The object being that you go to the Scavenger Hunt blog, see what the title for the following Saturday is going to be and then you take a photo that represents that weeks subject. Easy huh?

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Well, sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's not so easy. To wit: this weeks entry. I didn't have the time to go out and take an Action photo, so I did the next best thing. I went through my extensive photo collection for an Action photo. I also think one of the guidelines is that you also take the picture.

To be honest... I did not take this picture. Actually, I don't know who took it.

Denny on bike

Anyway, here we have a young, cute lad of 4 or 5 years old. On his trusty bike we can assume that he is a hero cowboy on his faithful steed racing either after the bank robbers or he IS the bank robber and making his getaway. Personally I like to think I was... err... I mean, he was chasing the bandits. Man, I.. ummm... he has Action written all over his face!

Now the following picture doesn't seem to indicate any Action at all, does it? However what took place immediately before taking this picture, would qualify as an Action photo of the first degree.

Portrait Denny

Here we see the same adorable, cute angel posing for a keepsake photo. You're asking, "ok where's the action?" Let's travel back in time... say oh dunno, 5 minutes before this picture was snapped. There you would witness, this cute, angelic boy taking a pair of scissors and cutting his suspenders in half. Why you ask? Very simple.... I... err... he didn't want his picture taken. What's wrong with that? Prior to cutting his suspenders... he threw a Ber Rabbit book at the photographers screen, and guess what? Did you guess he put a hole in the screen right behind where he is sitting? But let's go back before the book throwing incident.

Little, lovable De... errr... happy boy, hid behind the sofa in the living room... screaming "no picture!" His father, who happened to have a broken leg and in a cast... had to crawl in one end of the sofa and threaten all kinds of fiery hell stuff before the cute kid would come out.

And there you have it folks... my contribution to the Scavenger Hunt Photo for today. Join me next week when the title is supposed to be "Pets/Animals" I will try and comply with this one!

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