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29 July 2006



oday is Saturday and that means Photo Scavenger Hunt. Today's subject is Animals and/or Pets.

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Well, I was going to retell the story of Tillie and Willie my little pet turtles. But it brings back terrible nightmares for me. However, just in case you missed it the first time around I'll try to retell it. You know the kind of turtles... the kind you can buy at pet stores for a dollar each... except I found these guys at our summer home on Wilson's Lake in Fries Mills, New Jersey.

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They were playful little things... so full of life. One day it was feeding time and I always fed the little things. But today would be different. We were out of turtle food. Despite that fact, I would not let my little, lovable pets go hungry!

Sooooooo... what did I do? Well we had a bag of fresh Italian rolls. Hey! I was 10 years old, how did I know turtles couldn't eat a whole Italian roll? Yes, I submerged the whole roll in their little home away from home. They were so happy as they swam around and ate til their bellies were full. Except when their bellies started to swell and then ka-BOOM... I never knew rolls could expand like that. It was a mess... turtle parts all over the place. Well, you get the idea. Snif... snif... I can't go on telling the story.

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I think because I am a Piscies, I enjoy aquatic pets.

Today's picture is of Killer, the Betta. Yes, the same little fish that we have all come to love and treat as a member of our family. For the benefit of our new readers... Killer was on the reduced for quick sale rack in the pet store. Quick because they wanted to get rid of him before he expired. My wonderful bloggers came to Killer's rescue and donated money, $1.00 each, and other items like a fish tank, food, etc. I have the BEST readers in Blogland!

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So far, I have taken excellent care of him and he doesn't eat Italian rolls.


Snif, snif... anyone have a tissue?

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