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16 July 2006



ow I know y'all expect to see the confessional box here on the weekends. However, as you can see, I've discovered something else to occupy this space on the weekends which is a photography thing. If you missed it, look below and you'll read about it.


I have however, moved Confessions to Mondays... What better day to hear confessions than the day after the bebauchery and sin filled weekend you just went through. Yes sinners I am here to help you in your quest for salvation! I forgive ALL sins, I don't care how bad and sordid they are, I want to hear everything! Even your impure thoughts! Come to think of it, I prefer hearing about your impure thoughts.

Now child, yes... you... if you can't think of any sins you've committed, then please return next Monday with the ones you can remember. If they are really, REALLY bad you can also email them to me in utmost confidence.

Special - This Week Only!
Yes, I am running a special for this week only! A 2 for 1 special. You tell me 2 sins and I give you the penance for only 1 sin! Now find anyone else willing to do that in confession for you! I do it cause I care. Also to drive in more business.

And remember my slogan, "The better the sin, the less penance!"

Many of you have written in and asked where our church is and what it looks like. I've taken a picture for you. Now I know it looks a little bit run down. From the donations you leave at the door I have put a down payment on the building. Sure, it needs a little work but with the man upstairs help we will get it fixed up. Mr. Bob, the handyman that lives upstairs says it will look great in a year!

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