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12 July 2006



s you might guess, when I skip my blood pressure medicine I can tend to get a bit annoyed at things... particularly TV shows. Yesterday a few things bothered me enough to bring them to your attention.

First up... CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Not to be confused with CSI: New York, or CSI: Miami or CSI: Philadelphia or CSI: Istanbul.

Maybe if there are any people that read my blog that are involved with real CSI types can answer my question/complaint du jour.

When the people go into a house or property they use flashlights. They walk room to room shining the lights on whatever... why can't they just turn on the friggin LIGHTS! I suspect they might just find things much easier with the lights on.

Next was a show on Discovery Channel: Real Crime Scene Autopsies. Now honestly I am not an necrofiliat or whatever they call people that get off on dead bodies. Again if anyone is a mortician or anyone actually in the autopsy business perhaps they could answer: Why do they put a little cloth over the private parts of the dead person? They showed ripping open the person chest and removing the intestines, even sawing into their brain and removing the brain and putting it on a table to examine! That's fine but whatever you do don't show a dead penis or vagina? Come on guys. I know what they look like. Don't treat us like morons.

Now I ask the ladies, if you watched an autopsy show and Viggio was on the slab... would it bother you if he wasn't "draped"? And guys... same question but with Cindy Crawford? LOL

Get It Off My Chest
I originally was going to do a posting simply about this upcoming court case, but I couldn't. Everytime I thought about it I would get totally hyper. So after I finished the bog for this morning and posted it... I just HAD to say something. So that's why the first two posters didn't get a chance to comment.

They are beginning to pick the jury for the sonofabitch in Florida that raped and killed little 9 year old Jessica Lunsford. I do not know how I missed part of this story. I swear I never heard it before and I usually follow court cases, etc pretty closely.

This royal scumbag, and I am not even going to dignify him by mentioning his Goddamed name here. This bastard, not only raped her, but he put her in a trashbag before burying her. The poor little girl was STILL ALIVE! She even asked him for her teddybear that she grabbed from her bed when this perverted piece of shit took her. He gave her the toy, tied the bag up and then buried her, ALIVE. And there she layed in her cheap casket as she undoubtedly struggled to hang on for dear life... Dammit this pisses me off to no end!

The sentencing, assuming it is death... and note to the people on the jury in Florida, it better be death... the State has one of two choices: lethal injection or the electric chair. Dammit I know what they better give this piece of absolute human scum.

Personally the electric chair is too humane for him.

I imagine:
Judge Shane: Mr. Foreman, has the Jury reached a verdict and punishment?

Mr. Foreman, Denny Shane, also: Your Honor we the jury find the defendant Mr. Puke Guilty and hereby impose the following sentence to be carried out right after lunch:

We the Jury would like to see him hung 2 feet above the floor by his balls. Let him hang for a day. No more than a day, we don't want to be that cruel. Then after the day is up, take a surrated, rusty knife and detach his balls from his body. Underneath him is a bed on nails. Now these won't kill him, just stick in him a bit. After that, remove him before infection sets in. Turn him over and wipe him down with a mixture of alcohol and vinegar. Oh wait! I forgot... he still has his penis even though his balls were cut off. Hmmm, ok tie piano wire around it while it is soft and then show him porno movies until it gets nice and hard. Oh man, I can hear the screaming already. Now Florida has a lot of mosquitos and there is no sense letting them go thirsty with all that bleeding. Give them a go at him. (ok, this is where you can add stuff).

I wish to God I lived in Florida and was picked for this jury. Oh, I would have played the impartial game to get on it... and they thought the Marquis de Sade was a bit harsh? lol

Observations and Questions
Talk amongst yourselves... Also: I think the punishment for this scum should be: (what???)

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 100 BC, one of my favorite uncles, Julius Caesar, Roman Emperor. His sister Julia was a great grandmother of mine. Fine family! And in the death notices we find in 1979 Minnie Ripperton singer (Lovin' You), dies of cancer at 30.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Central African Republic, Chad, Congo: Independence Day (1960)
Northern Ireland: Orangeman's Day (1690)
Rhodesia: Rhodes Day
In real life CSI the lights are not turned on because you can examine the switches. Don't assume the electrics at a scene are safe either: one houses light system seemed to be wired to the fridge door - closed the door, lights went out and vice versa. Sometime there's no lights (like in a fire scene). Lights can be put on later once the correct examination sequence is being followed. Search with torches and then visually examine again later when more light is brought in.
Covering up the bits is more to do with the telly than CSI. In real life you get to see everything,including the pathologist dissecting the testicals (which always makes people squirm)!
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