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18 July 2006



fter yesterday's close call with Killer, I began to think, "what if Killer did die... is there a Fish Heaven? How about for poor poochie that has been your faithful companion for years? Do dogs get in? Or are they destined to be worm food?

Churches of almost every denomination, as well as many Jewish groups, are bringing animals to the front of religious consciousness - and in some cases, right up to the altar. Clergy are performing animal blessings, funerals and even weddings. While animal spirituality has long been debated, interest is turning into actions designed to recognize animals' spiritual roles.

The attention shouldn't come as a surprise: Almost six in 10 American households include a pet, compared with one in three that includes a child. And animals have long been revered in religion. Buddhism regards animals as beings in different stages of reincarnation. Hinduism and Jainism embrace vegetarianism out of respect for all life. Islam teaches respect for animals as part of God's creation.

What got me started on this even more was this conversation that I came across on the web. It started when this girls kitten died:

Is it possible that God takes animals to heaven? My little kitten died on Monday morning. I am just overcome with grief. After he passed, I brought his body to the vet. I was holding him in my arms just to see his little face one last time. For a moment it seemed like his spirit was back in his body because his eyes just came alive looking back at me for a brief moment and I heard his meow. I know some of you will think it was my imagination. Maybe it was ... but that meow... I heard it loud and clear to the point where it startled me.

And the answers she got:
I don't know about animal's in heaven but I know the love you provide to your little kitten was important and that his little life was something important. I saw my father so sad when he lost his guinea pig and I know this was something for him. Every animal is God's creature.

I don't think our pets go to heaven. Nice thought but God made only us with immortal souls. Not animals. Our immortal souls are what make us like God. St Thomas Aquinas likens animals to animated robots. That sounds a bit callous. But then, God wants us to respect animals as part of creation as his great project and gift to us.

and another:
Are the souls of animals also immortal? They are not immortal. Animals are not capable of any operations which transcend the conditions of matter, and do not rise above the sensitive to the intelligible order. Also they are devoid of the moral intuition. Animal souls are therefore dependent upon matter both for their being and their operations, and cease to exist with death.

and finally:
God created the souls of the animals before the soul of man. I have posted on this before but do not have time right, now. Pope John Paul II said that God is very close to the animals. Animals have a soul and spirit.

Immortality follows from the fact that the soul is a spirit which, being simple, has no material parts. Not being made up of parts, it is impossible for the soul ever to decompose, corrupt, or perish.

It is believed that in heaven all life as we have here on earth will exist, even plant life as it has a soul, too, though plants do not have a sensitive life as animals do. And, animals do not have a soul and spirit as we do but God will not destroy these beautiful loving(souls) animals like your kitten. God loves the animals more than we can ever love them for He created them but He alone knows where their little spirits will be.

What happens is that man(general) thinks that God made this world for only him and that animals are to be used. NO! God told Adam to take care of all His creatures(the animals.) Man has abused all of God's little creatures, like in research, and in daily life. And, so much, that there is no place for many wild animals to live. Joyful, I personally believe that God will reward all of His little creatures in the other world(heaven) for all that they have and are suffering in this life. God loves His little creatures, all of them. And, as Our Pope John Paul II said, " God is very close to the animals." In the Bible it says that God did not want any more sacrificing of the animals. He came and died Once and for all. And, there would be no more need for the sacrificing of animals. The Church does Not sacrifice animals and so God saw this, too! God loves all His animals.

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So now.... what do YOU think?

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