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26 July 2006



ast week on Friday I asked if you had any questions. Things that you may not want to write about on your own blog. The response was so large that, after going over each one, I realized that there was no way I could answer them all in one sitting.

So today I am lisitng the questions. Maybe once or twice a week I will answer the questions until they are all gone or I get tired of the idea and move on. lol Anyway, for better or worse, here they are:

Bud Buckley asks: I once wrote a column in college about having grown up in Philly. I was in a NY college. And the jist of the column was that Philly has an inferiority complex, living in the shadow of NY's constant fame. You ever think about that?

Stacy wants to know: "...I'm afraid to find out how much alcohol affects brain cells."

LisaBinDaCity writes: "How 'bout marrying someone out of your faith?"

Mone in Germany requests: "how about a nice, friendly, socially acceptable letter to my Mom?"

Patti-Cake asks: "Hmmm how about writing about someone you have a crush on .... I definitely steer clear of that one on my blog."

RainyPete wants to know: "How about foods that Denny shouldn't eat again?"

Barman chimmed in with: " How about the double standard of your son or your daughter when it comes to dating, sex, etc."

Carolyn suggests: "What about affairs of the heart? Why can some people stay in love and committed to each other for years, and yet others become dissatisfied after a little while and cannot? (This of course barring assault/battery and having to leave for dangerous reasons)"

Dark Angel quizically asks: "past lives, what EXACTLY or who EXACTLY do you think you were without everyone thinking you're insane and what details (particular interests, dreams, deja vu, etc.) led to you be convinced of who and where you were last time?"

Brighton really wants to see me assassinated by asking: "Ok, I'd like to hear about your days in politics. The dirty side though..."

Vince writes that he "has a fear clowns, and writing about clowns. So I won't want to read anything about it either, or even want to come to your blog if God Forbid you posted a picture of one. So I don't know what to say? I'm actually going to see a psychic who does regressions--she says she can cure me of my fear of clowns"

Observations and Questions
I tried writing the answers for all of the questions but my answers were running over and onto 3 blogs over. So I'll have to do one or maybe 2 a day. Bear with me and I'll get them all!

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1943 Mick Jagger Rolling Stone. Where does he get the energy? He must take something. And in the death notices today in 1952 Eva "Evita" Peron Argentina's 1st lady, dies in Buenos Aires at 33.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Athens, Texas: Black-Eyed Peas Jamboree
Cuba: Anniversary of Moncada Barricks attack (1953)
Liberia: Independence Day (1847)
Maldives: National Day (1965)
New York: Ratification Day (1788)
Sweden: Bellman Day
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