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24 August 2006



as anyone been following this Jon Benet murder case, starring John Mark Karr? When all is said and done, this definitely has to be up for an Academy or Emmy. This so far is the Holy Grail of Juris Prudence. From the DA in Colorado that wants to keep him in jail in California until it builds a case against him to the California authorities than not only want to get rid of him but now say they knew about him in 1991.

My thoughts on the case? I don't think he did it. Absolutely loving the attention, he was infatuated with Jon Benet and this fascination has taken his brain to the dark side.

Everything will hinge on the DNA from the panties. We'll know when those specifics come in today or hopefully tomorrow.

His family has already secured a book deal and movie deals. His family!, not even him. The ex wife is in on the circus by saying he was with her on that Christmas... Boulder prosecutors have not disclosed their evidence against Karr. His family has insisted he was in Georgia at the time of the slaying.

Georgia attorney Gary Harris, who had represented Wexford and Nate Karr in recent days, has said that the family found a photo from Christmas 1996 that indicates Karr was in Atlanta, not Colorado, at the time of Ramsey's death.

Observations and Questions
Seriously, what do you think? Guilty? A Lunatic? Craving attention? Or... is it us and the media creating this story?

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