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12 August 2006



s I promised the other day I would confess one of my lost and forgotten sins. Actually an excerpt from my new book, "Sins I have Forgotten: The Early Years" available soon at a bookstore near you!

The ship was on a Caribbean cruise and pulled into Charlotte Amaile on the beautiful island of St. Thomas. To the residents of the island it meant simply "home"... to Rich and I it meant, new bars, new people to meet. New people meant "girls". However we soon discovered that they took the name Virgin Islands to heart. This entry doesn't have anything to do with those naughty girls on the island.

Our first night on "liberty" was a great success... well, as far as the drinking part went. We had managed to spread good ol' American charm in every bar we visited. While we were doing our own rendition of the "blind leading the blind" we came across an extremely well lit building. Rich asked if I was getting hungry. Sure why not, this place look clean. We walked in and found ourselves in a small dining area with one table. That fact didn't have any bearing on us at all. So we sat down and waited patiently for our waitress to arrive with the menu. Within seconds she arrived... looked at Rich and I and said, "what the hell are you two doing?" We explained that we were hungry and thought we would pop in for a meal. The waitress: "you think this is a restaurant? It's my house and your sitting in my dining room!" We looked around... pictures on the walls... very nice nic naks... oh crap... we got up, apologized, went outside and nearly peed ourselves laughing so hard. I mean we were falling down laughing so hard. The pride of the US Navy, strikes again! You would think we'd have enough sense to just go back to the ship and turn in for the night. Well... we did, kinda/sorta.

On our way back we found ourselves in front of City Hall and a nice little building in the middle of town it was/is/use to be/whatever.

On the flag poles, 3 of them... there were 3 flags... the US flag, the Virgin Islands flag and the Danish flag. Originally St. Thomas belonged to the Danes. For whatever reason, which escapes me now, the Danish flag looked really cool. It didn't take long for us to realize just how cool this flag would look onboard our ship. I had just enough Cubre Libra drinks in me to begin my ascent up the flag pole while Rich was the lookout. After a few tries, I finally got to the top and unhooked the flag. We were proud of our acquisition! and we went back to the ship and turned in for the night... Next morning I woke up with one HUGE hangover. I also realized my blanket was all bunched up around me. I tried to straighten it out. "What the hell was this?" I thought. It started coming back to me. I had the Danish National flag wrapped around my body... keeping me warm... as if it were freezing in the Carribbean.

Man, am I glad that is out of the way and forgiven. If anyone from Denmark is reading this... please accept my apologies.

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Observations and Questions
Now your turn... you know you have something to confess. Let's get to it shall we? And don't be pushing and shovin' like last week.

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