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09 August 2006



oday I had a choice on what to write about. I could write about the soldiers going to court marshall in Iraq for the rape and murder of the poor 14 year old girl...

Or I could do a MEME on "5 Things" Since my blood pressure would hit the roof and I would probably die, I am not writing about the pathetic excuses for soldiers on trial.

Instead I am doing the 5 Items MEME.

5 Items In My Freezer

1 - Pepperoni Pizza

2 - 6 month old frozen French Fries

3 - Manicotti

4 - Box of 1/3 pounder hamburgers

5 - Mystery package... don't ask

5 Items In My Closet

1 - A ceiling fan from my previous house.

2 - At least 2 shirts that are 10 years old and I cannot fit into anymore.

3 - 5 suits... 2 of which I don't even remember buying or even wearing.

4 - An overcoat, never worn, just in case we get a major ice storm here in Texas.

5 - A pair of PJ's from when I was in the hospital 6 years ago. The last time I wore anything to bed.

5 Items In My Car

1 - A jacket I took with me one day last winter in case it got cold.

2 - A year old bottle of Windex.

3 - 2 clean towels and a tube of sunscreen.

4 - 256, give or take a few, pens that probably don't write.

5 - An FOP, Fraternal Order of Police, Gold Plate to get me out of traffic tickets.

5 Items in My Wallet

1 - My Navy dogtags.

2 - My Phila. Traffic Court ID.

3 - 8 credit cards... 2 of which are topped out.

4 - My Shellback Membership card. In case I ever cross the Equator again while driving.

5 - 2 gift certificate cards from Target and Office Depot that I keep forgetting I have when I buy something at those places.

Observations and Questions
Open mic day. Anything on your mind?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1963 Whitney Houston, Great voice, screwed up life. Newark NJ, singer (One Moment in Time). And in our death notices today in 1988 Alan Napier, (Alfred the Butler on Batman), dies at 85.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Japan: Nagasaki Memorial Day (1945)
Libya: Sanusi Army Day
Rhode Island: Victory Day
Singapore: National Day (1965)
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