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22 August 2006



int: There's a picture somewhere in this article. If you guessed the Electric Chair, you are almost right. I'm not going TO the Electric Chair, I am going to SEE the Electric Chair. Now you're titillated, aren't ya?!!

Yes, titillated and confused I see. Okay, let me explain. As you may or may not know, Texas ranks #1 in all time executions and the county that I live in, Harris County, is the all-time champion for sending more people to "the chair" than any other county in Texas.

Texas justice is swift. Wanna see just how swift? A grand jury convicted Ira Rector in Anderson on July 18, only five days after the crime of murder. The defendant was sentenced to the electric chair in just eight minutes from the time the jury was handed the charge of the court. BIG HINT: If you plan on committing murder, don't do it in Texas.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you "Ol' Sparky", whose residence is at Huntsville State Prison, in Huntsville, Texas. Now Ol' Sparky served the State of Texas well from 1923 until 1977, wherein a total of 361 prisoners were french fried. And as an interesting footnote... it was made by prisoners at the prison!! Now who says inmates can't learn a trade and be useful while in prison?

Anyway, I am heading up to Huntsville very soon... possibly by the time you even read this today I might be heading up Route 45. Now I am hoping I get to pose with the "chair" so I can show you what I would look like if I were a hardened criminal. I can tell you are really getting jealous, huh?

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