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16 August 2006



egalize the world's oldest profession? I saw on the news last night that they arrested a score of people on the west coast for prostitution and other related crimes. I wondered how much in taxpayer money went for this entire operation. Money that perhaps could have been better spent on cancer research, etc.>

Panama was one country that popped into my mind. Prostitution is legal there and very heavily regulated. The girls MUST have a complete physical every three months and they are issued a card indicating they have been examined and free to work. The results are put in a public record, which this record is freely accessible by the public and the owners of the clubs that ultilize such activities.

It is then the "madams" or whoevers job to check the records of the girls and keep everything on the up and up. I think the penalty for hiring girls without the clean medical record is an automatic shutdown with no recourse and no appealing the close down in court. It is harsh but it works. And the whole operation is taxed as well.

I really think the time has come to legalize it and move on to other crimes.... like murder, rape, etc.


Will Madonna be spending 3 years behind bars in a German prison? Her world-wide show is scheduled to play Dusseldorf on Sunday. Prosecutors there said her show is not only immoral but it's against the law.

If Madonna goes through with the Jesus-channeling act and the locals find it insulting, she could face a maximum sentence of three years in prison. Meaning, Madonna's next reinvention could be as an inmate.

The singer's latest grasp at controversy has been a part of her act since the tour kicked off earlier this summer, and takes place during her rendition of the 1986 pop ballad "Live to Tell."

During the song, Madonna is suspended above the stage on a 20-foot mirrored cross, donning a crown of fake thorns, as images of Third World poverty and numbers representing the 12 million children orphaned by AIDS in Africa is displayed on a screen behind her.

Earlier this month, Madonna's performance was denounced by both the Church of England--before the routine even hit her adopted country's shores--as well as Catholic, Muslim and Jewish leaders in Rome who banded together against the singer's "blasphemous" act.

Further inflaming the Roman protests was the fact that Madonna took to the stage just a mile away from the gates of the Vatican.

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