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03 August 2006



t's "Lazy Day" today on the Not So Normal News! That's right friends and I bet you didn't even know it. I decided while talking a shower this morning that once a year I should have "Lazy Day". And are you lucky... I have decided that TODAY will be that day!! If you're already in work, I'm sorry. "Lazy Day" should not be confused with Do Nothing Day" that we just celebrated not too long ago.

What exactly is Lazy Day you ask? Well, according to Wikepedia: Lazy Day which had it's origins in the shower of Denny Shane in 2006 is a universal celebration of Laziness. Lazy Day" should not be confused with "Go Slower Day" or "Do Nothing Day", which are other holidays declared by the 43rd great grandson of Charlemagne!

I am so into this new holiday that I am not even going to answer any of your questions from last week. I barely un-lazied myself to even write this blog entry informing y'all about "Lazy Day". And what's really cool is that only people reading the "News" today will know about it! Who says reading the "News" isn't informative!

Observations and Questions
Well gang, I'm off to celebrate Lazy Day". How will you be celebrating?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1926 Tony Bennett, Queens NY, singer (Left a body part in SF). And in the death notices today we have in 1983 Carolyn Jones, actress (Morticia-Addams Family), dies at 54 of cancer.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
New Zealand: Arbor Day (1872)
Niger: Independence Day (1960)
Tunisia: Bourguiba's Birthday (1902)
Blogland: Lazy Day (2006)
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