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18 August 2006



emember, you're innocent until proven guilty first. As much as we want and hope that John Karr is the killer of JonBenet Ramsey, he is still innocent until proven guilty and so stated by a jury of his peers.

On the surface this guy does seem quite strange. You probably know already that a woman who said she was Karr's ex-wife told KGO-TV in San Francisco that she does not believe her former husband was involved in JonBenet's killing and that she was with him in Alabama at the time of the homicide. Plus there is supposedly another friend who claim he knows Carr was at home.

Patsy and John Ramsey endured years of suspicion and speculation about their culpability in JonBenet's death. In police interrogations, Patsy was asked if she ever considered whether John was involved in his daughter's murder.

"Absolutely not," Patsy Ramsey said. The couple expressed frustration with the authorities and hired their own private investigators. Patsy did not live long enough to see this day as she died a few months ago.

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Hey! Don't forget that tomorrow is Photo Scavenger Hunt and the subject is "Youth." And then of course on Sunday and Monday it's forgiveness day here on the News. Father Denny will be present and holding court. So get those sins ready!

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Born this date in 1952 Patrick Swayze Houston Tx, actor/dancer (Dirty Dancing, Ghost). And in the death notices we find in 1227 Genghis Khan Mongol conqueror, died.

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