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05 August 2006



oday is Saturday and that means Photo Scavenger Hunt. Today's subject is Money! I'm talking lire, pesos, pesada, duetchmark. However, now that Europe has gone to the Euro... come on, how boring. I loved the old coins.

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Below are just a few of my more interesting coins from the Roman Empire. And if you read my answer to Dark Angel's question the other day, you'll know why Roman coins are my favorite filthy lucre!

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My 2nd all time favorite coin is right above. It's Alexander the Great. And of course my all time favorite coin... that of my Great Uncle Julius, the one and only Caesar of Rome seen below!!

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These are only a few of many Denari. I obtained them while in Rome, years ago. As you can imagine they are kept under strict security. For the first time ever I am showing an actual photograph of my impenetrable coin vault.

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This vault is so secure in my home that it took me three days to actually find it to photograph.
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