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12 August 2006



oday is Saturday and that means Photo Scavenger Hunt. Today's subject is "Funny".

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I think it's funny because of everything that went wrong with it. Back in the heyday of my political career, I was supposed to greet the President as he stepped off an elevator at a fund-raising party in Philly. He was supposed to come off and turn to his left and shake my hand while pictures were taken.

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As you may have guessed, Reagan came off the elevator and turned right. After a few whispers of "Mr. President, turn the other way", he turned around to greet me.

At the same time this faux paux was being corrected, his Secret Service Detail (black suits weren't mandatory until later) decided to walk right inbetween us and breaking the handshake. The Secret Service guy was heard saying, "Huh? Wha... what I do?"

Now I am pretty sure you may or may not have noticed the woman practically wiping me out of the entire picture. This was Donna, the President's scheduling secretary who seemed to be oblivious to her surroundings.


As usual, the photos that I present for Scavenger Hunt are slightly off subject. This grouping may quite not fit into all the rules of the "Hunt" but I think they are funny for a lot of reasons, mainly to me. LOL

Okay, and away we goooooooo!

In Picture 1, we see a young Denny Shane, 2 weeks after reporting to Boot Camp in the Great Lakes. I bet you're sorry now that you married your husband, huh? You could have had me!

In Picture 2 we have Denny Shane home on leave or a weekend or something.

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I don't know how Picture 3 got in here, but I took it during a fashion show aboard ship.

And Picture 4 we find Denny Shane posing for a picture for "Navy Stud of the Month." Magazine. I'm sorry but since this is a family blog, kinda/sorta, I couldn't put the centerfold pic of me here.

Well gang, those are my entries for this week. Stay tuned when next week the subject will be "Youth". That should be fun.
The last one is a riot, sailor boy!
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