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11 August 2006



ad because the movie premiered that relives the terrible events of September 11th. Happy, because London thwarted a potential catastrophe in the sky.

Personally, I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to go see this movie. Just my humble opinion but I don't think we as a nation need to see it all over again. We lived it. The producers said it was made to be a documentary and a tribute to those that died and to the bravery of the police and firemen that died that day. Bullshit. It was made to make money. If it was a tribute and documentary, then debut it on the History channel or PBS. I think it's way too early to begin putting out movies about this event... too fresh in the public psyche... too much pain, too much suffering... way too early..

And the other event of this past week. Congrats to London for putting a crimp into the plans to crash 11 jetliners over the Atlantic heading to the United States. BUT, I don't think that is the end of it unfortunately... there's always a Plan B with terrorists. Terrorist' stock in trade is... terror.

I wouldn't put it past the terrorists chicken-shit assholes, al-scum buckets, to have made the capture of these guys part of their plan to either divert our attention or to lull us into a false sense of security thinking it was all over.

And last before I get off my soap opera box... the National Park Service has decided, because of the events in London, to keep the crown on the Statue of Liberty permanently closed and off limits to the public.

"For the better part of three years now, they've been dancing around this issue," said Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-NY. "This is the first time they've said they're not moving forward, they're essentially done looking at it." He called the decision "the final victory of the terrorists on Sept. 11."

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