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01 August 2006



ot to be confused with "WWJD?", this is "What Denny Did"... Yesterday was a good day here in Houston to go to the supermarket. It was sunny, cloudless and the humidity wasn't too high. Showered, shaved and dressed, out the door I went to grocery shop. I decided to have sausage and pasta for dinner last night. I needed a few things... mainly everything... pasta, gravy and hot sausage.

To make a long story short, I turned the cart down the Spaghetti aisle. Cappelini No.9 is my choice of pasta. I reached in, got a cellophaned bag and pulled it off the shelf. Then it happened. Apparently one end wasn't sealed and out came all of the pasta all over the floor. "Dammit!", I hate when that happens. So like a good conscientious person, I bent down and scooped all of the spaghetti up and slid it all back into the bag. What I did next is where the situation comes in...

I guess I could have just ignored it when the pasta hit the floor, acting as if nothing happened... or could have kicked it all to the side... or I could put it back on the shelf, reach in and grab another bag. Yes, I simply put it back on the shelf and took a sealed bag. And off I went as if nothing happened. I was on the next aisle, right about where the spaghetti was on the other aisle and all of a sudden I heard, "Dammit to Hell" come from a woman, who obviously discovered the broken bag of spaghetti. LOL

LisaBinDaCity gets pretty deep and asks: "How about marrying someone out of your faith?"

Dear LisaBin...
This can be a toughie and has plagued man (and woman) for centuries... actually ever since about 1AD when Jesus celebrated his first birthday. The main problem here is not Christians marrying other Christians... the problem is when Jews marry Christians and visa versa... Oy Vey O'Malley! And especially if the both of you are religious! Glory Be Hymie have we got a problem! For my Muslim readers, I'll explain.

Christians believe in Jesus and Jews don't. It's one or the other, you can't have both. They both believe in God or G-d, whichever. The problem is with God's son, Jesus. This problem was greatly demonstrated with the release of Mel "One More For The Road" Gibson's Passion of the Christ. Even though it wasn't in English I got the drift of it: The Jews put Jesus to death... ok, technically it was the Romans that actually did the nailing... but it was the Pharasees that pushed the whole thing. However, if you really put a lot of thinking into the situation, since the Romans at the time were Italians... one would be led to believe it was the Italians that caused the problems. Come to think about it... Italy goes all the way up to Germany. There was a slight cross-over here... so the Germans have to assume a little blame here because they were illegally crossing the border and living in Italy at the time. But as I sit here drowning in this situation, the thought popped into my mind... you now have a Christian married to a Jew and they have a baby... the baby grows up to be an Atheist. Now THAT'S a problem.

And that takes care of your question. LisaB, I hope I have straightened this out for you.

Observations and Questions
So.... what would you do regarding the spaghetti situation? and next what's your take on our question from LisaB? Do you think my answer was helpful to her?

Birth Announcements and Dusty Death Notices
Born this date in 1936 Yves Saint-Laurent fashion designer (Opium, Obsession). And in the death notices today in 1975 Julian "Cannonball" Alderly sax player, dies of a stroke.

Holidays and Special Dates Today Around the World
Botswana : August Holiday
China PR : Army Day
Dahomey/Benin : Independence Day
Dominica : Queen's Birthday
Ghana : Homowo
Guyana : Commonwealth Day
Iran : 12th Imam's Birthday
Nicaragua : Fiesta Day
Scotland : Lammas Day, term day
Switzerland : Confederation Day
Trinidad & Tobago, St Lucia : Emancipation Day/Caribbean Day
US : Sports Day-good sportsmanship
Zaire : Parents Day
Bahamas, Barbados, Turks & Caicos Island : Emancipation Day
British Commonwealth : Bank Holiday
Canada : Civic Holiday
Colorado : Colorado Day
Jamaica : Independence Day
St Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla : August Monday
US : National Smile Week begins

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