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12 September 2006



nd I am glad to see you! I know you're wondering just how I spent my self-imposed holiday... Well, the first thing I did was order a pizza from Papa John's... A large with Pepperoni. You would think someone of my age, and having eaten pizza for years, I would know that the first bite can be dangerously hot.

But noooooooooo... I bit right in and burned the shit out of the roof of my mouth. You know, that area right behind your front, top two teeth? I think I burned skin off. And to make matters worse, the cheese stuck there and I think it loosened the skin! I am now wondering if I can sue Papa John's for making the pizza too hot. Hey, that lady in Washington sued McDonald's for making coffee too hot.

Ok, what else did I do or didn't do. I refused to watch the TV movie about 9/11. Movies, either TV or Theater made are supposed to be entertaining. I simply could not find anything entertaining about the subject matter. So I watched a bunch of reruns on everything from CSI to anything non-9/11. I did tune in to the President's speech last night for the first 2 minutes. I went back to CSI.

Oh! I tried to trim my hair again. There are some things I should leave to professionals. Trimmed one side, then the other. I realized I took too much off the one side and tried to even it out. One thing led to another and before you knew it, I was bald again. I went for bagels the next day and the girl behind the counter said: "Hi Den, I see you gave yourself another haircut, huh?" Sigh.

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So did you do anything exciting since we last saw each other?

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